Case Study


Service: E-Mail Marketing

With locations in Oregon and Washington, BurnCycle is a day-changing, butt-kicking full-body workout on a stationary bike. With instructors who offer positive, high-energy motivation, BurnCycle is “like going to the best dance club in town—with a life coach.”

The Challenge

BurnCycle saught Good & Gold’s help in expanding its audience and driving engagement via e-mail marketing, while creating a user-friendly system that would allow for sustainable future growth.

The Solution

With consistent design templates, enticing calls to action, smart list segmentation, and a strategic A/B testing plan, we developed an email marketing system focused on increased engagement that would be simple to manage going forward.


  • 6% increase in average open rate (current average is 25.6%, industry standard is 16%)

  • 4% increase in average click rate (current average is 6%, industry standard is 2.2%)

  • 29% and 7% increases in total subscribers for Washington and Oregon lists, respectively