We are strategists, creatives, designers, writers, data experts, problem solvers, and collaborators.


As an LGBTQ+ and woman-owned company, we prioritize people, perspectives, and relationships. We promote collaboration and diversity to cultivate the finest ideas and enrich human experiences.

We treat clients and colleagues with respect, embracing change and challenging the status quo. Our aim is not only to evolve as an agency, but to actively contribute to a sustainable future for our team and community.


Innovation & Growth

Embracing curiosity and ingenuity, we tackle challenges with a commitment to learning, adaptation, and creative exploration.


We emphasize the importance of being genuine, transparent, and true-hearted in all aspects of life, cultivating deep connections based on self-awareness, self-acceptance, and staying present.

Empowerment & Impact

With a focus on excellence and social responsibility, we empower our team to take ownership, drive proactive problem-solving, and deliver high-quality work with a positive impact.

Our Culture

Good & Gold is founded on producing exceptional work with a diverse and inclusive team. We foster a supportive, teamwork-driven environment, prioritize mentorship for career growth, and advocate for work-life balance. We treat clients and colleagues with respect and dignity, embracing change and continuous learning. Transparency, honesty, and authenticity are core to our approach, fostering trust in every partnership.

Carrie Hinton Ritchie

Co-Founder & CEO

Kyle Maggy

Marketing Strategy Director

Alison Bourne

Senior Producer

Christopher Hawley

Business Development Manager

Parker West

Senior Paid Media Strategist

Kyle Bacon

Senior Web Designer & Developer

Maggie Taylor Burns

Senior Designer

Hannah Beauchemin

Content Marketing Manager

Iulia Olteanu

Marketing Operations Analyst

Jackson Jones

Email Marketing Manager


We power your brand with proven tools for measurable growth, from targeted email campaigns and dynamic paid media to strategic SEO. With big ideas and precise execution, we help you raise awareness, drive revenue, and scale your business.


We elevate your brand with our creative vision. From captivating design to compelling content and visuals, we craft experiences that activate and engage your audience.


We leverage technology to deliver accurate insights. Our experts handle tracking and reporting, data analysis, and seamless platform integrations and migrations, ensuring your infrastructure is robust and results-driven.

Feel like a good fit? 

As we grow our client base and expand our services, we’re actively seeking talented individuals to join our team.
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