Olympia Provisions


As Oregon’s first USDA-approved salumeria, established in 2009, Olympia Provisions products are deeply rooted in the past. The Portland-based company approaches the craft of charcuterie with purity and patience, recreating a nearly extinct traditional technique that is seldom seen in America, which assures a finished product that has deep, nuanced flavor and exquisite texture.

With several restaurant locations in Portland and Oregon City, along with an impressive e-commerce selection, Olympia Provisions boasts a dedicated following in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

Olympia Provisions
An American charcuterie company with an impassioned following finds new fans with a data-driven approach to search engine marketing.


As part of their ambitious growth plans, Olympia Provisions aimed to scale their Search Engine Marketing efforts beyond branded searches to capture more users that might not have had their brand in mind when starting their search. The challenge at this stage is that cost per acquisition can rise as your audience expands to include more brand-new prospects—so our primary goal was to set a pace for scaling that would still deliver incremental revenue and a healthy return.


As part of a larger cross-channel strategy, we developed a full-funnel approach to SEM that prospected new customers, drove traffic to the website, and ultimately resulted in conversions for both consideration and retargeting campaigns.

To capture upper-funnel searchers without direct knowledge of the Olympia Provisions brand, we showcased products on shopping search results, then moved audiences down the funnel with retargeting display ads of previously-viewed products and products that had been abandoned onsite. We also continued robust branded advertising to drive purchases from searchers already familiar with the Olympia Provisions brand.


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— Mallory Pilcher


31.5% increase in assisted revenue

25.1% increase in assisted conversions

900% return on ad spend (RoAS)

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