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Portland Digital Marketing - Good and Gold

Mission & Values

Good & Gold is a woman-owned digital marketing and creative agency based in Portland, Oregon. With our proven recipe of thoughtful analysis and enriching creative collaboration, we elevate our client's vision and efficiently deliver transformative results.

  • Maintain a safe, inclusive, and inviting environment centered around enjoyment, teamwork, and lots of fun!
  • Appreciate and respect each individual that comes through our doors equally.
  • Approach tough situations and personalities with transparency, patience, and respect. 
  • Keep working to make our organization (and the world!) a more equitable and inclusive space. 

Do good, feel golden.

Good & Gold began as a result of our drive to build something good, with good people. As an LGBTQIA+ and woman-owned company, this means bringing our whole selves to work and empowering others to do the same—but we still have progress to make. We're addressing inclusivity and systemic problems head-on to create an environment where people of every race, age, expression, and identity are met with support, security, and equity.

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