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We power your brand with proven tools for measurable growth, from targeted email campaigns and dynamic paid media to strategic SEO. With big ideas and precise execution, we help you raise awareness, drive revenue, and scale your business.

Tailored Solutions for New Businesses

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Launching a new business can be overwhelming, but our Start-Up Package is here to simplify the process. For just $6,000, we offer a comprehensive solution that sets your business up for success from the get-go. This package is perfect for new businesses looking for a strong foundation in digital marketing and web presence.


We elevate your brand with our creative vision. From captivating design to compelling content and visuals, we craft experiences that activate and engage your audience.


We leverage the power of technology to deliver accurate insights. Our advanced solutions include tracking and reporting, data analysis, and seamless platform integrations and migrations, ensuring your infrastructure is robust and results-driven.

We transform your vision into digital excellence.


Research & Discovery

We immerse ourselves in understanding your brand's core and the landscape it operates within, using a combination of ideation and creative exploration. This initial step is vital for identifying strategic avenues and ensuring that our efforts in creative, web, and branding are deeply informed and highly relevant.

Design & Create

Our creative team brings your brand's narrative to life with compelling visuals and storytelling, ensuring consistency and engagement across all platforms. From eye-catching web designs to impactful branding elements, our focus is on creating experiences that connect with your audience and enhance your brand's message.

Refine & Iterate

Creativity is a process of evolution. We constantly refine our work, integrating feedback and insights to improve. This cycle of refinement ensures that our designs, content, and web solutions not only meet your expectations but also remain dynamic, adapting to your growing needs and the ever-changing market.

Execute & Deliver

We bring our collaborative vision to fruition with precision and dedication to quality. Whether launching a website, unveiling a brand identity, or distributing compelling content, our aim is to achieve excellence that propels your business and makes a memorable impact.


We assess your unique needs and set the foundation for our collaborative strategy. This initial phase allows us to dive deep into your business, ensuring our work is informed and impactful.

Strategy Development

We tailor a digital marketing and creative plan that aligns with your objectives. Through collaborative brainstorming and analysis, we create a blueprint that guides all your future marketing and creative efforts toward success.


We bring our collaborative vision to life with precision and creative spark. This step turns strategy into tangible results.

Optimization & Growth

Iterating based on data, we refine our approach to drive continuous improvement and exceed your goals. Constant analysis and adaptation ensure your marketing efforts evolve with your business, fostering sustainable growth.

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Jon Perry

Stumptown Coffee Roasters

The team at Good & Gold is spectacular. They were quickly able to assess our marketing needs and offered a thorough and measurable plan for achieving results. Working in partnership, we have exceeded most of the goals we set out to achieve and have moved on to impressive new objectives. Additionally, and importantly, the team is staffed by wonderful humans. We were cautious when bringing in a marketing partner, but the folks at Good & Gold have become an extension of the Stumptown family.

James L. Helms,

Windup Watch Shop

The team at Good & Gold is not just knowledgeable and lightning fast, they are who we trust with our digital marketing needs. They have become an important part of our team who we rely on daily. Never has there been a challenge that have not been able to tackle.

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The Pitfalls of Standard Ad Platform Tracking and GA4: Why Third-Party Tracking is a Game-Changer

In the world of digital marketing, data is king. Understanding how your ads perform, where your traffic comes from, and how users interact with your website is crucial for making informed decisions. While standard ad platform tracking and Google Analytics 4 (GA4) offer valuable insights, they come with certain limitations. In this blog post, we'll explore the pitfalls of standard ad platform tracking, the challenges of GA4, and how third-party tracking solutions can provide a more comprehensive and accurate picture of your marketing efforts.

The Limitations of Standard Ad Platform Tracking

1. Platform Bias:

Standard ad platform tracking, such as those provided by Facebook Ads or Google Ads, often suffer from platform bias. Each platform tends to attribute conversions to itself, leading to over-reporting. This bias can distort your understanding of which channels are truly driving results, making it difficult to allocate your budget effectively.

2. Data Silos:

Ad platforms typically track data within their own ecosystem. This siloed approach means that cross-platform insights are limited. If you're running campaigns across multiple channels, it becomes challenging to get a unified view of your customer journey and overall marketing performance.

3. Attribution Challenges:

Standard ad platforms often use last-click attribution by default, which credits the final touchpoint before a conversion. This model can undervalue upper-funnel activities like awareness and consideration campaigns that play a crucial role in guiding customers down the funnel.

The Challenges of Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

1. Complexity and Learning Curve:

GA4 introduces a new way of tracking and analyzing data, which can be complex and require a steep learning curve. For marketers used to Universal Analytics, adapting to GA4's event-based model and navigating its new interface can be daunting.

2. Data Sampling:

 GA4 often employs data sampling when processing large datasets, which can lead to inaccuracies. Sampled data might not fully represent your actual traffic and user behavior, leading to potentially misleading insights.

3. Privacy Restrictions:

 With increasing privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA, GA4 has implemented stricter data collection practices. While this is a positive step for user privacy, it can result in less granular data and limitations on tracking certain user interactions.

The Benefits of Third-Party Tracking Solutions

1. Cross-Platform Attribution:

Third-party tracking solutions excel in providing cross-platform attribution, allowing you to see the complete customer journey across multiple channels. This holistic view helps in accurately identifying which touchpoints contribute most to conversions, enabling better budget allocation.

2. Enhanced Accuracy:

Third-party trackers often utilize advanced algorithms and methodologies to reduce data inaccuracies and biases. This ensures that you get a more precise understanding of your marketing performance without over-reliance on any single platform's data.

3. Customization and Flexibility:

Unlike standard ad platforms and GA4, third-party tracking solutions offer greater customization options. You can tailor tracking to fit your specific business needs, set up custom attribution models, and create detailed reports that align with your marketing goals.

4. Comprehensive Reporting:

Third-party solutions provide in-depth reporting capabilities, combining data from various sources into a single dashboard. This unified reporting helps in making more informed decisions and understanding the true impact of your marketing efforts.

5. Advanced Privacy Compliance:

Many third-party tracking providers prioritize privacy compliance, offering tools and features that help you adhere to regulations while still gaining valuable insights. This balance ensures that you respect user privacy without sacrificing data quality.


While standard ad platform tracking and GA4 offer valuable insights, they come with significant limitations that can hinder your ability to fully understand and optimize your marketing efforts. Third-party tracking solutions address these challenges by providing cross-platform attribution, enhanced accuracy, greater customization, comprehensive reporting, and advanced privacy compliance.

Investing in a robust third-party tracking solution can be a game-changer for your marketing strategy, helping you make data-driven decisions with confidence and ultimately driving better results for your business.

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Good & Gold’s Q1 & Q2 Awards

At Good & Gold, we believe in the power of storytelling through design and strategy. This year, our story has been recognized in a remarkable way—we are thrilled to announce that we’ve been nominated for several prestigious awards and have proudly taken home two significant wins!

The Netty Award Nomination & Winner - Alfred Website (Design - Best Creative Web Design)

The Netty Awards celebrate achievements in the digital landscape, honoring top companies and leaders across more than 100 distinct categories. They set a benchmark for excellence and are a testament to the creativity, innovation, and technical prowess demonstrated by the winners.

We were honored when the Netty Awards reached out to us to let us know we had been recognized and nominated for the Creative Website Design of Alfred Coffee. The goal behind our website design was to blend creativity with functionality, creating a digital experience that would resonate deeply with users. We’re proud of this vision now being celebrated with the Netty Award for Best Creative Web Design. The Alfred website project was a labor of love, and seeing it honored on such a prominent stage is incredibly rewarding for our team.

The Communicator Award Winner - Studio Garrison Website & Rebrand (Professional Services)

Studio Garrison is an award-winning interior design firm that values quality design, innovation, sustainability, and collaboration. Our design team successfully created a new name (Studio Garrison) that was bold and concise for the firm, along with a design system that would stand the test of time.

For the last 30 years, The Communicator Awards have honored excellence, effectiveness, and innovation across all areas of communication. As a highly prestigious award sanctioned and reviewed by the Academy of Interactive & Visual Arts, being recognized as the best in Professional Services for our website and rebrand work is a true honor.

The Drum Awards Nomination - Alfred Web + Email (Best redesign or relaunch)

We were thrilled when the Drum Awards reached out to us to let us know we had been nominated for our work with Alfred and their website/email program in the Best Redesign or Relaunch category. The Drum Awards are a global organization, widely regarded as a benchmark in the marketing and communications industry, known for celebrating the best companies, practices, and most influential individuals shaping the industry.

It's an honor to see our hard work relaunching Alfred’s website and email program recognized among some of the best in the world. This recognition further fuels us to continue creating captivating work that makes an impact. 

We extend our gratitude to The Netty Awards, The Drum Awards, and The Communicator Awards for acknowledging our work and honoring us with these awards and nominations!

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A Milestone for Inclusivity: Celebrating Our NGLCC Certification

We at Good & Gold are thrilled to announce our recent certification by the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC). This milestone is not just a mark of recognition—it’s a reflection of our core values and our commitment to fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion in every aspect of our business.

Why This Matters

As an LGBTQ+ and woman-owned company, we understand the importance of representation and inclusivity in the business world. Our team comprises of diverse talents who bring unique perspectives and ideas, driving innovation and creativity. The NGLCC certification is a testament to our efforts in building a business that not only aims for excellence in digital marketing but also champions the rights and recognition of the LGBTQ+ community.

Aligning with Our Values

At Good & Gold, our mission goes beyond providing exceptional digital marketing services. We are dedicated to crafting a brighter future for all, especially for those who have historically been marginalized. This certification aligns perfectly with our ethos of inclusivity and our dedication to supporting causes that defend fundamental rights, like the Equality Act and protections for LGBTQ+ individuals under Title IX.

Our Commitment to the Community

Receiving the NGLCC certification is another step in our journey to help create a more equitable business landscape. It strengthens our resolve to continue advocating for the LGBTQ+ community in and out of the workplace. Whether it’s through diverse hiring practices, supporting LGBTQ+ businesses, or creating campaigns that address and challenge discriminatory legislation, our goal is to make a lasting impact.

What This Means for Our Clients

This certification means that when you partner with Good & Gold, you are choosing a company that does not just deliver results but does so with integrity and a commitment to social justice. It means your brand’s message is crafted by a team that understands diverse audiences because we embody that diversity.

Looking Forward

As we celebrate this achievement, we are motivated by the current socio-political landscape and the upcoming 2024 presidential race, recognizing the critical role we play in advocating for and protecting LGBTQ+ rights. In light of increasing challenges, such as anti-LGBTQ+ legislation and rhetoric, our work and your support are more significant than ever.

Join us in celebrating this milestone. Together, we can continue to push boundaries and make a difference, not just in marketing but in the world.

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Earth Day 2024

This Earth Day, we're taking a moment to reflect on our personal connections to the planet we call home. At Good & Gold, we make a point to celebrate the beauty and importance of the Earth in our everyday lives. This Earth Day, we’ve asked each of our employees to give us a glimpse into their relationship with nature. Whether it’s through sustainable practices, efforts to better our environment, or simply reveling in nature, each of us has a unique way on how we connect with the Earth and the important role it plays in our life.


For Earth Day, I conduct a household audit to identify areas where we can improve our environmental stewardship. This includes strategies for composting kitchen waste, reducing plastic use, and optimizing energy and water consumption. To connect with nature physically, I enjoy hiking in Forest Park or the Gorge. Additionally, I participate in neighborhood clean-ups, like this year's city-wide effort organized by We Believe in Portland.


I spend as much of my time outdoors as I can, whether that’s daily walks in my neighborhood to recharge and take in the fresh air or going out to surf, snowboard, and camp. Mother nature provides us with such a huge playground and never fails to ground me! It’s important to me to do my part everyday in small ways, like biking more as transportation and growing my own vegetables, to keep the Earth happy so we can enjoy it for as long as possible. 


I generally take a walk everyday and watch the seasons as they change. I’ve been loving the long spring Portland gets and seeing all the trees and flowers bloom over the last couple of weeks has made me feel very connected to the springtime. 


The trails by my house are serene and vibrant this time of year. It’s always good to see the foxes and deer out and about again, amongst many other animal populations. Trash pickup along this trail and the woods around it make for a fulfilling springtime and it shows in everyone’s uplifted spirits.


I stay connected to the Earth through gardening. I’ve found it so rewarding to learn how to compost, recycle seeds, and use organic materials to support an abundant garden. Gardening is very grounding, and has helped both my physical and mental health! It’s the gift that keeps on giving.


Whenever I take time to quietly observe nature, whether in a dense forest or a city park, I start to understand the deep connections among all living things on Earth. These moments make me feel part of a larger, vibrant cycle of life that spans hundreds of millions of years. They also remind me of humanity's significant impact on other species and our environment, highlighting our greater responsibility as stewards of the Earth. These observations help me stay committed to reducing my ecological footprint by minimizing waste, using renewable energy at home, supporting conservation efforts, and engaging in land restoration projects.


I love Earth. I enjoy spending my spare time surfing, snowboarding, and riding bikes on the fun playground Earth provides. I also enjoy the cute animals and interesting plants that you can find on land and in the ocean. Earth is pretty cool, I think everyone should do their part to protect it.


Most mornings I start the day with a bike ride. As the city wakes up - usually with a stunning sunrise - I’m pedaling through Portland’s parks, vibrant neighborhoods, and winding trails, giving me a feeling of abundant appreciation for this planet. The fresh air fills my lungs, and the sights and sounds of the environment become vividly alive, reminding us of the importance of preserving and cherishing our planet. Each turn of the pedal serves as a gentle reminder of our responsibility to protect and sustain the natural world for future generations.


A big focus for me is how to reduce my environmental footprint. This includes biking more often, using reusable items such as totes for shopping, and growing my food in my garden! This year I’m planning on a couple of new home projects focused on the environment as well, including raising chickens and starting a worm bin! 


Gardening and embarking on long bike rides through nature serve as my sacred rituals. In the garden, I nurture life from seed to fruition, grounding myself in the cycles of growth. Through these acts, I find solace and belonging, harmonizing with the natural world around me and fostering a profound sense of interconnectedness.