Stumptown Coffee

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Stumptown Coffee, a beloved coffee roaster based in Portland, known for its coffee culture and iconic cafe locations. Since its inception in 1999, the brand has steadily grown, becoming a familiar presence nationwide. Their commitment to sourcing the finest coffee beans from around the globe, coupled with their meticulous roasting processes, truly reflects the brand’s authenticity and is evident in every cup they serve.

Stumptown Coffee
A behind-the-scenes look at Stumptown's "Cold Brew Is Back" Campaign.


This campaign's primary objective was to drive online sales of Stumptown Coffee's relaunched cold brew blend, focusing on educating and engaging customers about its unique characteristics. A secondary aim was to boost awareness of Stumptown's range of ready-to-drink cold brew products, highlighting their distinct flavors and retail availability. Additionally, the campaign encouraged visits to Stumptown cafes, showcasing their unique brand experience and deepening customer engagement.


Our strategy was centered around crafting an email that stood out from Stumptown's already high-performing and aesthetically appealing emails. We aimed for a perfect blend of boldness and brand coherence, employing a mix of our custom internally produced assets with Stumptown's established visual elements. The timing of the email was strategically selected, leveraging insights from past campaign data to maximize engagement.

Furthermore, we implemented a follow-up strategy by resending the email to non-openers and provided guidance to Stumptown on effective follow-up communications to generate further campaign revenue. This approach was designed to capture immediate attention and foster sustained engagement, enhancing Stumptown's presence in the competitive coffee and cold brew markets.


50% increase in clicks over average product launch.

398 email subscribers reengaged.

Over $23,488 in attributed campaign revenue.

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