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Revitalizing Domain Serene's Paid Media Strategy: A Digital Dive into America's Most Awarded Winery.


This case study showcases the transformation of Domaine Serene's paid media strategy on Meta and Google. As America's most awarded winery, celebrated for its exquisite Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, Domaine Serene embodies a timeless approach to their winemaking and brand. With their iconic Clubhouse in Oregon wine country and tasting rooms from Lake Oswego to Bend, our aim was to enhance and optimize their paid media programs to match the caliber of their wines and tasting experiences.

The Goal

The goal was to revitalize Domaine Serene's paid media presence on Meta and Google, implementing innovative strategies to draw new customers to their premium brand. Our challenge began with Domaine Serene being locked out of their Meta Business Manager and ad account, a significant hurdle in reviving their online presence. We engaged our paid media experts and utilized our contacts at Meta to guide Domaine Serene through the intricate recovery process. Concurrently, we faced the technical task of upgrading their analytics framework to Google Analytics 4, ensuring a modern and efficient data tracking system to support our revamped strategies.

The Strategy

We crafted a comprehensive strategy focused on three key objectives: boosting traffic and conversions for their e-commerce store, increasing reservations at their clubhouse and tasting rooms, and expanding their email list through targeted lead generation ads. Our meticulous approach ensured that every aspect of the ad content, from copy to visuals, authentically reflected Domaine Serene's high-end brand identity. Integral to our strategy was the emphasis on reaching and engaging new customers. We achieved this by implementing targeted campaigns that introduced Domaine Serene's distinguished offerings to a broader audience, effectively expanding their market reach while maintaining the essence of their brand.


Cost Per Acquisition

$11 vs. $34.81 industry average, indicating a more efficient spend.

Click Through Rate

For Google, Domaine Serene achieved a 13.18% CTR compared to the 8.65% industry average.

On Meta, the CTR was 2.65%, surpassing the 1.2% industry standard.

Cost Per Click

$1.03, significantly lower than the industry standard of $1.95, reflecting cost-effective ad spending.

Other Results

Starting from zero, in a short period of time we were able to produce the following results:
Winery visits: 3,177
“Get Directions” Clicks: 7,923
Calls: 1,084
Reservations: 116
Clicks: 67,000
Impressions: 27.375 million

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