Why We Love Webflow

At Good & Gold, we leverage Webflow for the majority of our non-e-commerce website projects. Why? Quite simply, Webflow is a digital designer's dream. The in-browser design tool essentially blends visual design with code, allowing us to design and develop at the same time. What's more, the platform allows for complex interactions and animated transitions, leveraging the power of CSS and JavaScript in a code-free environment.

Meanwhile, the platform also offers a simple interface for editors, allowing users to update page content and CMS collections without interfering with design elements, layouts, or other settings. Paired with super-simple and reliable hosting plans, Webflow is an appealing option for enhancing design and user experience while simplifying just about everything else.

Let’s break down the reasons we love Webflow here at Good & Gold:

Webflow interface

Webflow’s clean interface is uncluttered and user-friendly, following similar layouts as popular design tools like Figma or Sketch. As long as you have front-end development knowledge, everything feels pretty familiar and intuitive. While you need to have a solid understanding of HTML and CSS to comfortably use Webflow, you don’t need to worry about code syntax—you can just click on a few settings to make your designs come to life.

The built-in animation features

Webflow allows us to create custom animations and interactions with ease. From scroll-based parallax animations to interactions around mouse movement, the sky's the limit! We can even add Lottie and After Effects animations, which is a huge benefit.

The CMS collections

Webflow collections are similar to databases. Content is added to a collection, which will automatically generate a new entry (a new page) leveraging the same template as all the other entries. Blog posts, job listings, and case studies are great use cases for collections—the content of each entry is unique, but the layout is the same. At G&G, we define which pages will leverage collections and which will be standalone pages when defining a website’s sitemap. This way, when it’s time to build, we start by creating and configuring all of our defined collections, and then designing the template. Building data-driven pages has never been easier!

Webflow's responsive design

Webflow allows us to visualize different responsive breakpoints with the click of a button. Each breakpoint is editable independently from the others, which lets us choose between building consistent web pages across devices, or building unique experiences for mobile and desktop users.

The powerful (and humorous) knowledge base

When in doubt, we always check out Webflow University. The library is full of high-production educational videos…and believe it or not, they’re funny! (Like, actually funny!) We very rarely get stuck on issues in Webflow, because we can always find a solution in Webflow University.

The client-facing editor

The Webflow Editor allows our clients to edit text, images, videos, and links directly on the front end, and to add, edit, or remove any collections or pages. But it doesn’t allow them to edit anything design-related, which means it’s very difficult to “break” anything in the Editor. This creates a welcome peace of mind when using the Editor, and means that we can give clients complete control over the content of their websites while we focus on design and performance.  

Webflow Projects in the Wild

We’ve been building Webflow websites for a good while now. Here are some recent projects to explore: 

Webflow Websites

Apiary Life

Apiary Life founder Katie Lynch had demonstrated the viability of her business model through successful corporate partnerships, and needed a website that could communicate not only her mission, but the breadth of services and level of professional polish that clients could expect from Apiary Life. Read the case study

Webflow Websites

Infinity Images

Though Infinity Images produces world-class, innovative work, the brand’s website felt dated, cluttered, and unprofessional. With our website redesign and migration, we aimed to more successfully communicate the brand’s identity—and most importantly, its capabilities—while also exuding a high level of sophistication and polish. Read the case study

Webflow Websites

Tamarack Aerospace

Despite Tamarack’s innovative products and approach, its website suffered from the common symptoms of an overdue update: a muddled navigation untethered from clear user flows, a dated look, and hard-to-parse density with little storytelling. With our website redesign and migration, our goal was to effectively convey the company’s mission, and present its core products within the context of “disruptive innovation.” Read the case study

Allium Financial - Webflow Websites

Allium Financial Advisors

Allium Financial’s approach to financial management feels different: It’s rooted in understanding, compassion, personal connection, and warmth. Meanwhile, the company’s website failed to successfully communicate any of those differentiators, leaving users uninspired and uninformed. Read the case study

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