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Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, Infinity Images is an integrated print and fabrication house. From grand format printing to custom retail displays, Infinity’s collaborative team transforms design concepts into impactful visual experiences.

Infinity Images
An eye-catching showcase for a Portland company producing innovative visuals for exceptional brands.


Though Infinity Images produces world-class, innovative work, the brand’s website felt dated, cluttered, and unprofessional. With our website redesign and migration, we aimed to more successfully communicate the brand’s identity—and most importantly, its capabilities—while also exuding a high level of sophistication and polish.


Most importantly, we knew Infinity’s new website needed to have visual impact, immediately demonstrating the company’s expertise and perspective to new users. We paired that overarching goal with more granular, detailed objectives: More entry points with fewer points of confusion; clear and engaging information architecture; elevation of imagery and case studies; and a seamless path to conversion.

By both leveraging and expanding the brand’s existing design system, we developed a well-defined visual identity for the website. Next, we worked through iterations of page layouts and structures that are both intuitive and surprising, designed to invite users closer and encourage exploration. Finally, we layered on interactions designed for delight—thoughtful animations, hover effects, and scroll interactions that enhance the user experience while exuding both confidence and polish.


16% increase in pages per session

28% increase in average session duration

15% decrease in bounce rate

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