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A leading provider of employer-sponsored executive life crisis support programs, Apiary Life exists to empower executives to succeed through adversity. With services focused on executive communities, businesses owners and leaders, and corporate HR professionals, Apiary Life helps companies to minimize the impact of personal life crisis in the workplace.

Apiary Life
A bespoke digital home for a premier provider of employer-sponsored life crisis management programs.


Apiary Life founder Katie Lynch had demonstrated the viability of her business model through successful corporate partnerships, and needed a website that could communicate not only her mission, but the breadth of services and level of professional polish that clients could expect from Apiary Life.


Our strategy focused on a few key objectives, uncovered after discussions with Apiary Life and our own deep dive into the unique SaaS-adjacent world in which we would be launching the new website. Our overarching goal was to create a concise but comprehensive website with multiple entry points, all with the intention of driving consultation inquiries. We leveraged Webflow’s nimble, no-code environment to quickly iterate with input from the client, implementing animations, infographics, and usable tools to capture user attention and present Apiary’s business case in a compelling way across carefully specified pages.

We also wanted our target audiences to self-identify in order to land on personalized content, so we created segmented landing pages that deliver Apiary Life’s core service components with resonant variations on content—all housed in a dynamically sorting category section.

Combined, we were able to deliver a polished, lively website with streamlined user flows that Apiary Life can leverage to confidently engage prospective clients.


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