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Tamarack Aerospace is a rapidly growing company of engineers, inventors, and aviators that is changing the way the world flies. The company was founded with one mission in mind: to provide real-world step change advancement in aerospace efficiency technology.

Tamarack Aerospace
An interactive, information-rich website for an international aerospace company takes flight.


Despite Tamarack’s innovative products and approach, its website suffered from the common symptoms of an overdue update: a muddled navigation untethered from clear user flows, a dated look, and hard-to-parse density with little storytelling. With our website redesign and migration, our goal was to effectively convey the company’s mission, and present its core products within the context of “disruptive innovation.”


Quite simply, Tamarack’s website needed to reflect its internal approach to design and innovation. We knew we needed to create a premium brand experience by leaning into contemporary design paradigms and industry best practices, including compelling, scrolling-enabled storytelling and interactions. But we also needed to streamline and delineate core product information across clear user flows.

We began by developing clear user personas and working with our partners at Tamarack to reimagine a sitemap tailored to each of these personas. With a clarified architecture in place, we defined a content structure and strategy that would allow Tamarack to tell its story, rather than just describe its products. Next, we developed a design system that would greet users with clarity and sophistication—clean, simple details and plenty of airy white space, mixed with moments of surprise and delight. From hover interactions to subtle shadows, elegant transitions, and restrained touches of video, this website should evoke the feeling of flying.


905% increase in conversion rate

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