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Why Digital Marketing Is Recession-Proof
August 22, 2019
If you keep your ear to the ground on financial and business news like we do, you’ve likely been watching the recent flurry of headlines with more than a little dread. What’s going on with the 800-point drop in the Dow? Is a recession coming? What’s up with the “crazy inverted yield curve”?
5 Essential A/B Tests for Email Marketing
July 10, 2019
The data to be gleaned from email marketing is powerful and practically endless. Your email channel is your direct window into your actual audience of real customers—what do they respond to, what inspires them, what bores them? What do they WANT? ( they like emojis?)
How to Boost Conversions with Social Proof
May 31, 2019
Learn why social proof is so darn powerful—and how it can help your marketing.
The Benefits of Using Google’s Smart Shopping Campaigns
March 25, 2019
Smart Shopping allows you to supplement your classic Google Shopping ads, which are shown based on a combination of on-page copy, Merchant Feed data, and more.
Three Ways to Use Custom Fonts in Squarespace
February 20, 2019
Behold, the three most common ways to upload custom fonts to Squarespace.
The 2019 Digital Marketing Glossary
January 21, 2019
Whether you’re tackling your own digital marketing or working with an agency, this little glossary should give you a good lay of the land.
How to Build an Effective E-Commerce Promotion
December 11, 2018
Running promotions via social advertising, search engine marketing, or Amazon marketing? Set yourself up for success with our simple, data-driven tips.
Facebook Myths and Realities
November 16, 2018
There are some harsh spotlight, confusion and misconceptions about the way the social media giant actually works tend to spread rather quickly.
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