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Clean Up Your Marketing Channels for 4th Quarter
September 16, 2020
In the marketing industry, early fall is a crucial time. And this year, with shopping taking place overwhelmingly online, it will be more crucial than ever. Right now is your chance to lay the groundwork for Q4, and make sure your business is prepared for the onslaught.
The Value of Retargeting
August 17, 2020
With clients and customers increasingly doing their shopping online, here’s how to capture their attention with effective retargeting campaigns.
Should You Be on Shopify?
July 20, 2020
Known for a robust e-commerce experience that’s baked into the core codebase, Shopify is a powerhouse that allows for efficient product management and a finely-tailored user experience.
How to Master Direct to Consumer Marketing
June 10, 2020
With third-party retailers and wholesalers compromised, read our tips for efficiently shifting to a “direct to consumer” marketing model.
Welcome to Our New Website
April 21, 2020
Good & Gold has a brand-new home on the internet! Here’s why we redesigned, how we approached the project, and why we chose Webflow.
Marketing in the Time of Coronavirus
March 30, 2020
Our general insights on digital marketing, specific to a very strange moment in time.
A Guide to Facebook Ad Placements and Formats
February 23, 2020
Confused by the countless options for placements, formats, and objectives for Facebook and Instagram ads? Allow us to demystify.
How to Choose the Right Email Platform
January 21, 2020
One of the most effective channels of marketing communication, email is likely essential to your business. As we like to say around here, it’s direct, action-oriented, and measurable, and provides a clear window into the preferences and desires of your actual customers.
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