Digital Design Trends For The 2023 Holiday Season

Maggie Taylor Burns (MTB)
October 5, 2023
Digital design inspiration: A treasure trove of creative ideas and trends, fueling innovation in the ever-evolving world of digital design.

Look no further for design inspiration for your holiday marketing campaigns! Our design team has rounded up their favorite trends and ideas for the 2023 holiday season. We’ve even included a simple checklist of tips for sprucing up your website for the holidays!

Merry & Bright

Go beyond the traditional red and green for your digital design this holiday. Use bright colors, rainbow palettes, and bold graphics to captivate your customers.

Minimalism To The Max

Bring the Bauhaus vibes! Pair bold and weighty graphic design and patterns with a simple, contrasting color palette.

Silver Bells 

Sparkles, metallics, starts, and yes, disco balls! Create a festive, non-denominational design thread that you can weave into your marketing from now until the New Year. 

A New Take On The Familiar 

Leverage clever product photography and classic holiday shapes and colors to spark interest that subtly pulls shoppers into your campaigns and makes them want more!

‘Tis The Season For Typography

Use fun fonts and enticing typographic layouts for your messaging to sleigh the season. 

Take A Walk Down Memory Lane

Dive into some archival ad campaigns to create a playful, vintage-inspired design vibe for your campaigns this year.


Digital Design Tips For Sprucing Up Your Website For The Holidays

Holiday campaigns aren’t the only place to inject a little holiday cheer. Get your website ready for the holidays while creating a little seasonal whimsy with these digital design tips from our design team! 

Add A Holiday-Themed Banner

Create a custom banner or header image that touts your exclusive holiday discounts, deals, or bundles. Use festive holiday elements in the banner design, like snowflakes, ornaments, or holiday colors. 

Play With Color

Change up your website background colors or accent colors to reflect the season and spread cheer. Keep your brand identity in mind when choosing the hues to make everything feel unique to your brand. 

Dress Up Your Logo & Iconography

Bring the Merry, Merry by adding a Santa hat, candy canes, a fir tree, or some holiday color to your logo for the season. Pepper in some seasonal iconography (we LOVE turning our icons into Christmas Ornaments) to really bring it home. 

Let It Snow

Adding some subtle snowfall animation to your homepage is a delightful way to incorporate the holidays into your website. 

Remember: Don’t Overdo It

Getting into the holiday spirit is a blast, but be wary of letting it take over your brand. You want to find the balance between leaning into the season and staying true to your brand identity. Try incorporating a few of your favorite tips from this list, and save the rest for next year! 

Want some help getting your brand set up for the holidays? Our digital design services can get you there. Let’s talk!

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