Good & Gold's 2023 Holiday Gift Guide

G&G team
November 22, 2023
Discover the perfect presents with our holiday gift guide – thoughtful ideas for a joyful season.

Happy holidays from the G&G team! This year our team chose a selection of great gift ideas from our clients. From bike panniers and specialty beverages to gift cards for local businesses, there’s something for everyone on your holiday shopping list. 

Alfred Coffee

  • Alfred Coffee Matcha Gift Set: Alfred's ceremonial grade matcha is incredibly versatile and can be used in lattes, smoothies, baking, and cooking. It’s a gift that keeps on giving and this set allows you to have everything you need to experiment with different recipes!
    - Jackson


  • Bernardo Miami Thong Sandal (in brown) is comfortable and practical and can be worn with almost any outfit. Known for using high-quality leather, these sandals are handcrafted for longevity.
    - Amanda

Domaine Serene

Jupiter Hotel

  • I’ve started gravitating away from gifting items to gifting experiences. What could be better than a staycation at the Jupiter and a spa day at Knot Springs?
    - Emily

North St Bags

  • As a child of the 80s, I’ve always had a soft spot for hip packs, AKA “fanny packs.” I am so happy they are back!
    - Jess
  • 13 or 15in North St. Bags Laptop Sleeve. Perfect for almost anyone who values both technology and sustainability.
    - Parker
  • I always try to come up with a gift that supports a passion or encourages discovering new ones. After this past year of bike hikes, nature trips, and discovering new places, the North St. Bag Backpack Panniers is my go-to gift!
    - Iulia

PDX Jazz

Stumptown Coffee

Zupan’s Markets

  • Grocery gift cards are always a win. Who doesn’t like free groceries?
    - Sam

Wishing you a warm & cozy holiday season and a happy new year! 🥂

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