Search Engine Marketing (PAID)
Cross-channel SEM strategy amplifies sports management app downloads and conversions—and keeps ‘em coming.


Sports are fun, right? Organizing each season: not so much fun. TeamSnap’s app provides scalable solutions for sports team and league management across almost any sport you can imagine. With app features like scheduling, invoicing, health checks, and communication, TeamSnap is a crucial tool for sports orgs of all sizes.

Our Goal

TeamSnap had a pretty straightforward goal in mind: gain new leads and signups. 

The Strategy

First, we created a cohesive cross-channel strategy and homed in on which paid media channels were the right fit for the TeamSnap brand and their target user. Then, we factored in how to leverage our existing SEO work to amplify our SEM results. Ultimately, we were able to “take it to the hoop” with a comprehensive combination of Google, Social, AdRoll, Microsoft Ads and Apple Search Ads to increase app downloads and convert new signups.



cost per conversion (percentage decrease)


click through rate (v. industry standard)


# of conversions (percentage increase)

"Good & Gold has been a pleasure to work with. They have handled multiple channels for us throughout 2021 and have helped us strategize a plan to help us achieve very aggressive goals in the upcoming year. Our relationship with them has felt like an extension of our core team and they're always looking out for our best interests. We look forward to continued growth with them into 2022."
—Max Lorber, Director of Marketing, TeamSnap

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