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Taking the work out of play with an efficient and flexible sports management app. 


TeamSnap believes that when people connect through sports, the world becomes better. Founded in 2009, TeamSnap has changed the way people manage sports and group activities. Over 24 million coaches, administrators, players, and parents rely on the company’s powerful solutions for communication, scheduling, payment collection, registration, and real-time game sharing. With TeamSnap, organizers can save time and focus on what matters.

The Goal

To drive continued growth, TeamSnap was hoping to better leverage their expansive website and breadth of content to achieve a 10% increase in organic search traffic—and ultimately to increase both new sign-ups and upgrades to paid accounts through this channel.

The Strategy

We began our SEO work by eliminating myriad technical errors that were suppressing TeamSnap’s website in organic search results, including fixing structured data, linking orphaned pages, updating image tags, and fixing 4xx errors.

Once the road was cleared and technical errors had been addressed, we moved on to ensuring that the features that TeamSnap provides to users—and the pain points its app solves for—were prioritized across the website’s content and within meta title and descriptions. Informed by both past organic search results and insights from paid media efforts, our efforts coalesced around high-importance keywords such as “team management,” “club registration,” and “rostering,” with an emphasis on important sports- (baseball, hockey, softball) and platform- (app, software, system) based modifiers to our core search terms.

With a parallel focus on technical setup and content, we delivered the boost TeamSnap needed:

 increase in clicks
increase in click through rate
increase in new team sign-ups
increase in upgrades to paid accounts
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