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Modern, sophisticated leather sandals, handcrafted since 1946.
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A historic show brand...

Since 1946, Bernardo has handcrafted modern, sophisticated leather sandals, heels, boots, and shoes. Bernardo shoes are made in Brazil and the Dominican Republic using high-quality artisanal leathers and expert craftsmanship.

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The Goal

Bernardo needed to stand out in an overwhelmingly crowded footwear market, drawing attention to the quality and craftsmanship of its heritage brand while also appealing to modern digital shoppers. The brand was also hoping to drive consistent seasonal revenue, with a focus on conversions for both iconic best-sellers and newer footwear designs.

The Strategy

We took a multi-layered approach to driving sales, starting with Google Ads and a strong focus on branded terms, layering in product ads, and consistently ramping up shopping and dynamic product ads along with in-market and affinity targeting. On Facebook and Instagram, we focused heavily on Bernardo’s seasonal offerings, promoting warm-weather products like sandals through engaging ad formats in the summer and in warmer climates, while focusing on colder-weather products like boots in fall and winter and adjusting budgets according to season.  We also developed an advanced budgeting strategy around seasonality, delivering an RoAS close to 1,000% in historically slower months with lower budgets, but higher revenue (and lower RoAS) in historically successful months.

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Return on Ad Spend (RoAS)


increase in revenue (YoY)


increase in new RoAS (YoY)


conversion rate for Google Ads (industry standard: 2.81%)

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— Mark Tanno, VP, Marketing
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