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Our long-time client, the Jupiter Hotel, expanded in 2018 with the sleek, modern Jupiter NEXT. Then, they took on the task of renovating the original property to keep things comfy and contemporary. With two restaurant partners and a music venue on property, the Jupiter Hotels’ lush city vibes are a nod to Portland’s rich history of makers and creators, all the while looking forward toward a dynamic future. With 148 rooms combined, Jupiter Hotel and Jupiter NEXT offer a vibrant glimpse into Portland’s unique arts and music culture.

Jupiter Hotel
Portland’s beloved boutique hotel expanded in 2018. We helped it grow.


With all the updates to the property itself layered over ambitious growth targets, the Jupiter Hotel’s website needed a fresh look, and their digital marketing services needed a solid strategy to boost KPIs. Our work needed to ensure that anyone looking for hotels in Portland, Oregon—as well as those who show interest in traveling to Portland—would consider the Jupiter properties first and foremost, driving both online and phone bookings. The property also wanted to engage and retain clients effectively via email, leveraging its broad audience to increase brand loyalty and bookings.


Search Engine Marketing (SEM): After careful competitive research, we set up Google Text and Hotel Ad campaigns that focused on the property’s unique and appealing set of amenities: the vibrant neighborhood, live music, great food, inventive cocktails, engaging event spaces, modern and vintage design elements, and more.

Email: After in-depth discovery sessions and competitive research, we began by redesigning the Jupiter’s standard monthly newsletter template, attuning newsletter to business goals, email best practices, and revitalized design and content strategies. With robust templating in place, we then built out automation workflows to welcome, follow up, and re-engage with guests based on data pulled from the Jupiter’s Property Management System.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Our overall SEO strategy centered around creating additional content and improving the site health score. We started by flagging and addressing high-priority technical SEO errors, then we wrote and added optimized copy to high-value pages using targeted keywords. We also set up business listing management tools in order to improve online presence and visibility.

Website Design & Development: We began by creating a conceptual statement and a moodboard of inspiration, then delved deep into competitive analysis and technical requirements. We knew we’d be building the website from scratch in Webflow (one of our FAVE website platforms), so we took extra care laying out user journeys, creating a streamlined sitemap, and building comprehensive wireframes. We worked closely with the Jupiter team to make sure the website captured the comfy-stylish vibes of the property itself. The results? A modern, vibrant website that feels intuitive no matter the screensize or device, with hidden details—like hover interactions and stunning imagery—to bring interesting layers to the user experience.


100% revenue (percentage increase)

100% increase in online return on ad spend (RoAS)

13.35% CTR (industry standard is 4.68%), that's 185% above average

130 # of conversions per month

75% decrease in average cost per click (CPC)

3k% increase in impressions

83k% increase in engagements

6k% increase in clicks

134% increase in impressions

33% increase in clicks

58.13% increase in organic traffic

13% increase in total revenue

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