How Digital Marketing Channels Play Together

Anna Louise Neiger
November 28, 2022
Why omnichannel marketing is a must in 2023

Back in the days of Don Draper & co., there were really only three main marketing channels: print, radio, and eventually television. Simple enough, right? With the rise of digital marketing, however, the marketing channel possibilities seem endless! Here, we’ve focused on breaking down digital marketing channels, all of which can be leveraged together to create the omnichannel marketing strategy of your dreams!

Marketing Channels & Strengths

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Once you’ve got a website in place, SEO is the first marketing channel to hone. Customers find your site because of SEO. Keyword research, incorporating those keywords into your website content, and following SEO best practices to shore up your site’s authority are the basic foundations of this marketing channel, but there’s so much more this often-undervalued channel can do for your brand and your marketing strategy! 

Paid Media / Paid Social

The ultimate “spend money to make money” marketing channel, paid media is a surefire way to expose your brand to potential customers that aren’t already searching for you or what you offer. It’s also great for retargeting customers who need a few more touchpoints before making a purchase. No matter the platform (Google, Instagram, TikTok, Spotify, etc…), paid media tactics almost always garner instant results—if you’re willing to invest.

  • Awareness tactics focus on getting your brand or products in front of people who don’t already know about you. Success is measured by the number of users who visit your website after seeing your awareness ads. 
  • Lead Generation tactics are a great way to add subscribers to your email list. Success is measured by the number of users who sign up to receive marketing emails from your brand after viewing your lead gen ads. 
  • Conversion tactics are perhaps the most straightforward, focusing on showing your products or services directly to potential customers and encouraging them to make a purchase. Success is measured by the number of users who make a purchase on your website after viewing one of your conversion ads. 

If you’re looking to move the needle quickly, this is the digital marketing channel for you.  

Email Marketing

Apart from your website, email marketing is the main “owned” digital marketing channel you can leverage for your business. You have full control of the content published on this channel and who it goes out to (as long as they’ve opted in). Depending on the platform you choose to house your email program, you can leverage email campaigns, automation, segmentation, and even SMS messaging to reach your subscribers. You can also create custom email templates that reflect your brand look and feel—one of the best and most customized ways to draw subscribers into your world!     

Referral & Loyalty

Word-of-mouth marketing for the 21st century! Referral & Loyalty programs and marketing help you develop a community around your brand by focusing on the relationship with your existing customers, rewarding them for returning, telling their friends, and making repeat purchases.  


Feels like a lot to take in, huh? Luckily, we’re experts in these channels, and in leveraging their strengths to create multichannel and omnichannel marketing strategies! Click here to learn more about our service offerings and how we can help your business excel in 2023. And keep reading to understand more about what, exactly, omnichannel marketing is and how it differs from multichannel marketing!   

Omnichannel Marketing: Taking Multichannel Marketing to the NEXT LEVEL 

Multichannel marketing is a product-centric marketing strategy (as opposed to a customer-centric strategy). Utizing multiple marketing channels like the ones we’ve delved into above, multichannel marketing positions your brand and/or product and appeals to audiences in multiple arenas of the digital marketing world. If you’re currently advertising on more than one channel, you’re already engaging in multichannel marketing! 

While this is absolutely an effective marketing strategy, Good & Gold believes that the real, sustainable, and scalable marketing power lies in omnichannel marketing. This digital marketing approach centers your customers by creating a wholistic strategy across all your marketing channels, breaking down the customer experience and keeping it top of mind in every step of the sales funnel. 

Managing these strategies and channels can become complicated, especially if your business is small, or you’re wanting to focus your internal team’s time and resources in other areas. That’s where we come in! The omnichannel marketing experts here at Good & Gold can help you with everything from strategy to content creation to implementation and performance monitoring. Get in touch with us today, and let’s get started on your 2023 omnichannel marketing strategy!

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