Stumptown Coffee


A Portland-based coffee roaster and retailer founded in 1999, Stumptown is famous for cozy neighborhood cafes and iconic blends like Hair Bender and Holler Mountain. Known intimately in the Northwest, Stumptown has been consistently expanding their brand nationally, with a focus on responsible sourcing and meticulous roasting practices.

Stumptown Coffee
An iconic coffee brand expands its digital reach through targeted efforts and perfectly on-brand creative.


Stumptown needed to engage in a more meaningful and direct way with existing and potential customers online, leveraging digital marketing channels to create multiple robust sales funnels and effective communication streams, including a multi-pronged, data-driven approach to paid media.


From our historical research and a review of the competitive landscape, we discovered a clear opportunity for a more targeted and dynamic approach to paid media for Stumptown. Namely, a strategy that equally conveyed the bold and distinct personality that the brand portrays in-person and via organic channels, heavily leveraging Stumptown’s strong but previously underutilized creative. With this in mind, we developed a cross-channel strategy that integrated bold, personal copy while focusing on the distinct product categories Stumptown offers.

Knowing that consumer behavior was quickly adapting to the realities of 2020, we focused on implementing fluid, responsive and programmatic campaigns. Beyond standard Search and Shopping campaigns, we launched Dynamic Responsive Display ads for both single coffee purchases and subscriptions, as well as Smart Shopping ads to present relevant products to consumers across their customer journey along with YouTube campaigns showcasing their strong creative assets.


622% total return on ad spend (RoAS)

58% increase in RoAS

40% decrease in cost per acquisition

15% increase in assisted revenue

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