Plot Spotting: 2023 Digital Marketing Trends

Anna Louise Neiger
January 24, 2023
Good & Gold is taking the guesswork out of where to focus your 2023 marketing budget

When facing an impending recession and changes in customer spending habits, the best two digital marketing channels to focus your efforts and budget on are SEO and Email Marketing. Working with a professional team (like us!) can help to drive great results when your budget is under more pressure than ever.

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SEO & Content Trends

Content Authority

Curate fantastic, high-quality content that positions your brand as an expert in your industry, then present it concisely, relevantly, and consistently. Reference authoritative sources with links, and submit backlink requests to increase your content’s authority and value in the SERPs. 

Content Diversification

Creating authoritative content isn’t the last stop on your 2023 digital marketing journey. How that content is presented is also something to consider. Sure, throw that wonderful content up on your blog, but in 2023 it will also be important to develop content for other sections of your website. Including copy on your product pages, incorporating infographics and video on your website and social channels, experimenting with content length and voice, and even creating audio content will be key. 

Machine Learning/AI

In 2023, we can expect to see AI take a central role in digital marketing, and especially SEO. Machine learning will help with understanding user intent through search queries, personalization, and even voice search (more on that just below). It can also be leveraged to hone in on trending topics in your industry, help choose what to write about in your content strategy, and save time on technical SEO work like keyword research, internal linking, and content optimization.

Voice Search Optimization

Voice search has become a popular way to navigate the web (shout out to Siri, Alexa, and “OK, Google…”). This means incorporating voice search strategy into your SEO in 2023 is a must! Think about it like this: people who type a query into a search bar and people who ask Siri questions are trying to get to your content in two very different ways. Understanding your customers and their device behavior is key here, as well as focusing on a conversational keyword strategy, creating content tailored for different customer personas, and using Schema Markup to provide additional context.

Email Marketing Trends

Brand Storytelling 

It’s really, really easy to think of email primarily as a selling tool, and yes, it is GREAT for that, but it’s also the number one place outside of your website that you have the most control over your content and what you share. In 2023, focusing on telling your brand story and increasing customer loyalty via your email program will be key to your digital marketing strategy. This goes beyond copy to imagery, email design, personalization, and more. 

Email Automation & Segmentation

Email automation and segmentation are becoming more and more of a best practice rather than a trend, and in 2023 will be a major engine for growth in the digital marketing world. If you’ve already got the basics set up, it’s time to get creative, and the possibilities are almost endless, especially when you combine the power of email automation with robust and thoughtful segmentation of your subscriber audience.    

Interactive Emails

We’re all familiar with the “static” experience of email marketing, where content is buttoned up and delivered to subscribers with the goal of sharing information and getting subscribers onto your website to engage and/or make a purchase. With interactive emails, however, we’ll see users submitting information or seeing the latest data, for example, without leaving their inbox—and ROI from your email channel will climb along with this new trend!

Return Customers vs New Customer Acquisition

Appealing to new customers is a surefire way to expand your customer base and reach, but in 2023, we may see more ROI from nurturing return customers and rewarding customer loyalty in your digital marketing strategy. The most effective way to do this is through your email program, or by developing a loyalty rewards program!

Ready to dive into 2023 digital marketing strategy and brainstorm how to capitalize on these digital marketing trends? Let’s talk! 

Don’t Sleep on These Other Digital Marketing Trends… 

Paid Media Trends

  • Audio ads on the rise, along with more opportunities and ways to advertise on streaming services like YouTube and Spotify
  • Social search and social commerce begin to compete with Google searches, especially on TikTok
  • Augmented reality ads appear on social
  • Google “Out of Home” ads (billboards etc) will begin to route Google Display Ads to billboards, ad stands, and more—and you’ll need a sharp and concise landing page on your website to direct all that traffic to! 

Digital Design Trends

  • Motion graphics, branded illustrations, and GIFs will become more prevalent 
  • Nostalgia Marketing! Retro logos, color palettes, and other design elements are rising in popularity (you may have noticed this over the holidays)
  • We’ll see more expressive, custom typography incorporated into digital design assets
  • Interactive web design that includes animation or 3D motion will help your website feel like an immersive experience
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