Our Silver Linings of 2020

Team Good & Gold
December 18, 2020
We take a look at the brighter side of The Year That Was. Plus, a year's worth of our favorite songs and odd monthly poems.

In the five years since 2020 began, we've navigated a rollercoaster of emotions—most of them on the spectrum between challenging and devastating. Rather than take you on a tour of those dark journeys, we thought we'd share some of the bright spots of 2020—the stuff that got us through, made us laugh, or provided just the distraction we needed.

(We've also collected our most-played music for our annual Spotify playlist, and we've compiled our poems of the month...which provide a strange and fascinating window into the collective consciousness of our small team.)

Without further ado...the silver linings:

1. Real talk and honesty became a necessity.

2. Seeing pets and babies on video calls!

3. The deep struggle and frustration of this year could be one of the main reasons people got out to vote in historic numbers.

4. We elected America’s first female vice-president, first Black vice-president and first Asian American vice-president.

5. The music! In a year when we all needed an escape, the ladies came through with just what we needed: Fiona Apple, The Highwomen, HAIM, Dua Lipa, The Chicks, Taylor Swift...

6. Watching people let their guards down and take themselves less seriously while working from home.

7. 2020 has reignited our relationship with thumbs ups, waving, and active listening thanks zoom! Next up: raising the roof (look out, 2021).

8. This year forced many people to reevaluate their lives and focus on what makes them happy.

9. Finally having a real excuse to ditch my old mismatched PJs I've had for years and create a new fancy PJ wardrobe!

10. Driving and emissions must be way down, right? (They are!)

11. The Supreme Court ruled that no one can be fired for being gay or transgender.

12. Toilet paper and flour sales are at an all-time high!

13. Picking up fun new hobbies to stay entertained at home.

14. My home gym has become a thing of beauty.

15. 2020 has inspired a new passion for boxed wine.

17. I get to avoid the pressure of a bridal shower and a million other traditions I wanted to skip anyway!

18. I don't have to hug people I have no business hugging. (You know when you're hanging out with a group of friends and you say goodbye and end up having to hug 5 people too many?)

19. The satisfaction of completing puzzles is a pure, undiminished joy—and we completed many puzzles this year.

20. This headline: Perennially Un-horny Pandas at a Hong Kong Zoo Finally Started Shagging

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