Monthly Poems

February 2023

Blooms, tombs, and mushrooms intermingle with our plans for full rooms despite their efforts to bring baboons perpetually.

January 2023

Dawning dopamine flows frigidly and effortlessly over blue bays of neurons, and butterflies soar...

November 2022

Thoughts dance like stars under the city which spins rapidly within a snow globe of merriment.

October 2022

Wide-awake and gleaming people step into the morning chill while the ocean swallows wizards wearing magic.

September 2022

Gorgeous soaring spirits dive into the abyss while dreaming.

August 2022

Refined indigo brings everything above the cloudy sky. Sometimes puppies even frolic by.

July 2022

Sun-drenched and fierce people roam around graciously through ancient doorways, inviting magical thoughts and dreams.

June 2022

Transforming through the ambitious mindset emboldens people and fosters greatness throughout all time.

April 2022

Looping paths transcend time/space within self continuously until eternity.

March 2022

Verdant days send everyone to another time in history. 🌿 🕰

February 2022

Heartwarming and tender moments propel action and transition lives toward infinity.

January 2022

Joyful otherworldly places light up our inspiration today and tomorrow.

November 2021

Chilly endless evenings nested within darkness feel beyond appreciated and majestic.

October 2021

Colors cascading and encompassing; emotions drown—always inspires new beginnings.

September 2021

Thrilling floods my calm anxieties and stillness brings peaceful tidings.

August 2021

Hot and crazy is the entrée that defines summer wind and wildness when we awake.

June 2021

Barbecuing acrobatically delivers delicious sun-kissed meat and also sometimes jicama.

May 2021

Plants under the sun sprouting voluminous leaves provide the most ladybugs.

April 2021

Vaccines are magnificent when they burble inside glowing orbs violently.

March 2021

Rad changes are afoot at liminal space within the sunny and open echelon.

February 2021

Snow fills up our hearts and warms the top shelf.

January 2021

New adventures in abundance will inspire goodness beyond the previous understanding of greatness.

December 2020

Yay! Because change is happening and new feelings are blooming.

November 2020

Holidays are gravy and turkey tastes nostalgic when you smell.

October 2020

Gold is good to utilize when elections arrive quickly, too quickly.

September 2020

Fall is here and we resist panic every day with grace. 🍁✨

August 2020

Inside my house the cats bask beneath couches where they regularly scratch and nap.

July 2020

Basking sun makes humans' lives feel amazing. Coffee feels happy like magic.

June 2020

Optimism is important and best served with a side of fries; solidarity is the best thing since ketchup or sliced bread.

May 2020

Breakfast is essential, and propels individuals to move out of bed—especially when the void opens.

April 2020

Patience is key and sunshine is critical to foster happiness and good vibes eternally.

March 2020

Reading keeps nurturing brains together, but worrying is not useful.

February 2020

Spring vacations bring warmth and they also destroy bad days for now and forever.

January 2020

Winter is wonderful but nevertheless it feels cold part of the time.