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Made in America from recycled yarn, Seek & Swoon’s decorative, heirloom-quality knit throw blankets are inspired by places near and far. The Portland-based company’s designs are inspired by beautiful places and, in the biggest terms, the world—taking care of it, exploring it, and adding to its beauty.

Seek & Swoon
Weaving elegant design and storytelling into every email.


Seek & Swoon had an active email marketing program in place, but lacked a clear design system and strategy that accounted for content, cadence, audience segmentation, A/B testing, and automation. We partnered with the company aiming to refine the existing approach and provide a framework for scaling subscribers, engagement, and revenue.


We began by developing a clear and modular design system, informed by both competitive research cross-industry inspiration. Next, we audited Seek & Swoons email audience to create helpful segments for both ad hoc and automated campaigns, from VIPs to likely purchasers, specific interest groups, and re-engagement opportunities. With templating and audience segments in place, we refreshed and reconfigured Seek & Swoon’s email automations to nurture its subscribers at key points of their customer journey with tailored, on-brand messages. Finally, we devised a content calendar to plan monthly email campaigns, including a careful mix of newsletters, promotional emails, and ancillary content designed to keep Seek & Swoon’s audience informed, engaged, and delighted.


319% increase in value per recipient

66% increase in conversion rate

1,120% increase in revenue

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