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And Portland’s Perch Furniture wants to make sure yours is a good one. That’s why Perch builds each piece to order, one at a time, in the USA. As a local, family-owned business, they know how hard it can be to find the time to shop for the couch of your dreams. Don’t see your dream sofa on their website? They can customize any couch to your exact style and specifications.

Perch Furniture
First kisses. Bedtime stories. Lazy Sunday naps. Snuggles with a sweetie. Movie watching and popcorn eating. Hugs.


Perch had grown a list of email subscribers through in-store purchase, but hadn’t communicated with that audience beyond the occasional sale or announcement. Their goal in working with Good & Gold was to take the bare bones of their email program and transform it into a robust marketing tool, with easy-to-use templates available for all kinds of email campaigns, and smart, powerful automations working in the background to engage, delight, and retain customers.


With a gorgeous gallery of droolworthy furniture, it’s hard to go wrong. We approached this project with a focus on the product, first and foremost. We learned about Perch’s values and business model, brushed up on furniture styles and design, and began creating design systems to support both beautiful product imagery and a well-defined brand. Our gallery of email templates were designed to support multiple campaign types, so that future campaign managers could easily draft and configure campaigns. Meanwhile, we designed a series of best-practice email automations to create a strong foundation of customer engagement and retention, with an eye toward growing the program over time to leverage additional subscriber data.


191% increase in traffic from email

187% increase in open rate

44% increase in click rate

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