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A customized holiday shopping strategy for a unique jewelry brand.


Gemisphere is a Portland-based gemstone wellness brand dedicated to offering the highest therapeutic quality gemstone necklaces, bracelets, therapy tools, and educational support on how to use these extraordinary gems for healing and transformation.

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Our Goal

Gemisphere needed to ensure that their paid media outreach efforts, including social advertising across Facebook and Instagram, were as effective as possible over their peak holiday season, bringing in new customers and retargeting previous site visitors and clients.

The Strategy

Our research showed that ongoing engagement and recall were the largest drivers of conversions and revenue for Gemisphere. As such, we developed a three-pronged strategy that began with brand awareness campaigns to consistently inform and remind new potential customers of the differentiators between Gemisphere and their competitors, the quality of their items, and the primary reasons to purchase.

We additionally launched robust retargeting campaigns aimed at current website visitors, customers, and social followers along with consistent, product-focused campaigns to encourage those who were close to purchase.

By combining these approaches, we were able to consistently reach potential customers with varied messaging across the entire consumer journey.

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total return on ad spend (ROAS)

“The best thing about working with Good & Gold is their personal touch. They spend so much time with us making sure our ads represent our business in the best possible light, and their team of experts is highly specialized to solve the unique problems of digital marketing in a quickly changing world. Having them by my side during the chaos of 2020 was so, so valuable."
— Allison Hunt, Chief Marketing Officer

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