Flora Animalia


Flora Animalia seeks to help people join together in the healing of our world. At Flora Animalia, ethically designed and produced garments are both a purpose and a passion. People can wear the brand’s clothes with complete confidence that fabrics and other materials are not only comfortable and beautiful, but sourced in a way that is fair to the men and women who produce them, protective of the lives and safety of animals, and beneficial to the delicate balance of our planet’s ecosystem.

Flora Animalia
Bringing heirloom-quality gardening apparel with a sustainable mission to market.


Flora Animalia came to us as a new brand looking to gain a foothold within a competitive market. Our mission was to increase awareness for the brand through organic search while ensuring that the site’s SEO was technically sound and well-positioned to take advantage of earned media coverage.


First, we audited the Flora Animalia’s fledgling website to ensure that all technical errors were addressed before launch, and that structured data and internal linking systems were solidly in place. Next, we focused on high-volume but specific search terms, ensuring that keywords were populated throughout the website’s content and metadata. This strategy was geared toward natural organic growth for a new brand, but also positioned the website for massive success once the client’s own public relations efforts began to gain momentum with high-profile coverage in publications like The New York Times and Women’s Wear Daily.


#1 organic search position for all branded keywords

55% average click through rate (CTR)

$44k in revenue within 3 months

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