Evoke Winery


Evoke Winery is a Pacific Northwest winemaker with locations in Hood River, Bend, Seaside, and Vancouver. After opening their doors in 2005, the winery has focused on bringing people together and making lasting memories along the way. Welcoming wine novices and somms alike, Evoke has built a dedicated community with a brand that’s committed to making wine fun, accessible, and adventurous.

Evoke Winery
A Northwest winemaker uncorks new followers with a sophisticated approach to SEO.


Our mission was to increase awareness for Evoke through organic search while ensuring that the site’s website was fully optimized and technically well-positioned to take advantage of earned media coverage. A strategic approach to keyword research and local SEO was particularly important for Evoke, given a recent name change, as well as a change to their location in Hood River.


For Evoke, we felt it was essential to pursue a strategy geared toward natural organic growth as well as a consistent brand experience. After performing a technical audit of Evoke’s website and ensuring that all errors were addressed, we moved on to integrate a comprehensive approach to structured data and internal linking systems. Given Evoke’s recent name and location changes, we also took special care to ensure that Evoke’s business name and information would appear clearly and consistently across all business listings and directories, and that the search experience would be seamless for users throughout the funnel. Finally, we focused on high-volume but specific search terms, strategically populating impactful keywords throughout the website’s content and metadata to boost impressions and clicks.


97% increase in impressions

81% increase in clicks

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