Web Development

All it takes is one good day to be a better parent, a better boss, a better partner. A better version of yourself. In 2013, Jessi Duley set out to create a space to make that happen. Because in order to change your day, you need a game-changing collective of people to hustle alongside, within a place that allows and encourages people to find their edge. That place is BurnCycle.

BurnCycle is a community-centric hub founded on the ripple effect. We built them a website to match that mission.


Quite simply, BurnCycle needed a new website. They were stuck on a rigid, outdated platform, and lacked the ability to make quick changes and optimizations, test new concepts, and roll out new products and events. Additionally, as a brand so admirably focused on community, their website needed to feel like a welcoming, user-friendly, uniquely branded space. The website needed to work for both loyal customers looking to book classes on the fly as well as potential new clients just beginning to educate themselves about BurnCycle’s classes, spaces, and overall approach.


After conducting our standard research and discovery on the brand, the website goals, and the marketplace, we decided that Squarespace was the appropriate platform for BurnCycle. We made this decision because we wanted to create a highly branded website with significant marketing impact with limited e-commerce function, while developing a site that the client could easily manage and update independently.

Next, we created a streamlined sitemap for the website, simplifying the former structure and creating frictionless user flows for the site’s core functions. We then leveraged BurnCycle’s excellent existing style guide to design dynamic layouts for key views of the website, making use of visceral, inspiring imagery wherever possible. Additionally, we integrated portal pages from BurnCycle’s booking platform, MindBody, customizing those layouts to blend with Squarespace site styles for a seamless experience.

With layouts and styling elements in place, we migrated BurnCycle’s content from their former site, reworking and optimizing content page-by-page and configuring Google Analytics cross-tracking for all purchases and website actions. We finished by implementing our comprehensive SEO strategy throughout the website to ensure strong continued organic search performance.


52% increase in users

48% decrease in bounce rate

71% increase in overall conversion rate

423% increase in mobile conversion rate

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