We’ve Optimized Our SEO Services

Spencer Soloway
October 14, 2020
SEO is an ever-evolving field, and while the basic underpinnings of solid organic optimization are similar for every website, we’ve adjusted our approach to allow for more flexibility and strategic thinking for our clients.

Why We're Making Changes

Google’s algorithms change all the time, but the basics remain the same. A strong structural foundation, a sense of trustworthiness of a site, and solid, compelling content are always core elements of an SEO strategy. Some websites need help with the fundamentals ,while others have been in spaces for years where winning can and will happen at the edges of advanced SEO tactics. We aim to always be flexible, but also disciplined enough, to serve those purposes and any in between.

What’s Staying the Same

At the top of our mind whenever we take on a new SEO project technical soundness. To that end, we always begin with an audit to identify and fix anything that may be suppressing search results, including:

  • Missing metadata
  • Redirect issues
  • Server errors
  • Other common issues

We’re also continuing to monitor for these sorts of technical issues on a regular basis.

What’s New and Improved

We’ve dedicated ourselves to taking a fully customized, strategic approach to search engine optimization. A client selling coffee nationally online is likely to have different needs than a winemaker with a strong local presence. Our approach to SEO strategy development reflects that and aims to:

  • Discover what competitors are doing and where the opportunities are
  • Home in on keywords that don’t just rank well, but will drive traffic and ultimately customers
  • Create a campaign-based approach that meets clients’ needs, allowing us to systematically approach improvements to websites including content and meta tag updates, internal linking changes, Schema implementations, site speed improvements, and more
  • Look back and determine wins from previous months and adjust accordingly, with a full strategy refresh every few months.

What’s the Goal?

Ultimately, it’s the same as everything we do: drive traffic and revenue to your website. But in many ways, organic traffic is your most valuable traffic—the users who are most urgently seeking your brand and products are generally arriving through organic search. Furthermore, SEO provides and gains uplift for and from all of your other marketing efforts. For instance, customers who learn about your brand on social media often come back through organic search to purchase, while customers who find you via organic search can be added to retargeting lists for your other advertising efforts. At the end of the day, SEO sits at the very center of all your marketing efforts, and we want to make sure its working for your business. 

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