Five Black-Led Organizations to Support Year-Round

Kelly Moran
February 1, 2021
If your business is committed to racial justice, your efforts can’t begin and end with Black History Month. Here are five organizations working toward equity 24/7.

As we step into Black History Month, more brands than ever will be voicing their support for the Black community—but unless that support is followed by consistent, meaningful action, it’s more about marketing than making an impact. We’ve gathered some of our favorite local and national organizations working to make racial justice an everyday effort, and you can support them all year-round in different ways!

15 Percent Pledge

Created by Aurora James, Founder and Creative Director of Brother Vellies, the 15 Percent Pledge is calling on major retailers to commit at least 15% of their shelf space to Black-owned businesses — a critical step toward economic equality. Support the movement by taking the pledge yourself! 

Black Resilience Fund

Immediate action brings immediate impact. Cameron Whitten and Salomé Chimuku started the Black Resilience Fund as a way to bring financial relief and resources directly to Black Portlanders, helping families and individuals cover expenses and maintain stability during tough times.

Reclaim the Block

In the past year, this Minneapolis grassroots initiative has earned tons of well-deserved recognition. Now, they’re using their platform to lift up other local non-profits who share their mission to make streets safe for the BIPOC community. 

Black Trans Lives Matter

The rate of violence against Black transgender and gender-nonconforming people is unacceptable, and it’s well past time to do something about it. You can make a difference in so many ways — check out BTLM’s list of queer-focused organizations that deserve your support.

Buy From a Black Woman

Did you know annual sales for Black women business owners are five times smaller than the average for all women-owned businesses? Before you make your next purchase, explore BFBW’s business directory (or click here if you belong on the list!).

So, how will you and your business commit to change long-term? Share your ideas with us on Linkedin or Twitter and help inspire others to do the same.

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