Cracked Spines - The Books We're Loving in April 2021

UNTAMED by Glennon Doyle

Cover of book 'Untamed' by Glennon Doyle

You can take big, decadent bites out of this memoir. Nourishment and empowerment for the feminist soul (or any soul, really).

CRAFT IN THE REAL WORLD by Matthew Salesses

Cover of book 'Craft in the Real World' by Mattew Salesses

A reevaluation of what craft means outside of the definition established by white male writers and their cultural values. Recreate the workshop, revisit the syllabi, remake a culture.


Cover of book 'A Memory Called Empire' by Arkady Martine

Science Fiction geopolitical space opera, please stand up! Like a more inclusive Star Wars fused with a less sexually violent Game of Thrones, this Hugo Award-winning tome (just under five-hundo pages) examines power, colonization, and what it means to love a place that’s hurt you before.


Cover of book 'The Princess Diarist' by Carrie Fisher

Speaking of Star Wars… We’re actually listening to this one! Read by the late, great Carrie Fisher herself and her daughter Billie Lourd, this grammy-winning audiobook has us cracking up AND tearing up all at the same time.

YOU ARE A BADASS by Jen Sincero

Cover of book 'You are a Badass' by Jen Sincero

Most of us are really bad at seeing how great we are. This book won’t put up with that shit anymore— YOU ARE A BADASS and now it’s time to start acting like it, y’all!

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Earth Day 2024

This Earth Day, we're taking a moment to reflect on our personal connections to the planet we call home. At Good & Gold, we make a point to celebrate the beauty and importance of the Earth in our everyday lives. This Earth Day, we’ve asked each of our employees to give us a glimpse into their relationship with nature. Whether it’s through sustainable practices, efforts to better our environment, or simply reveling in nature, each of us has a unique way on how we connect with the Earth and the important role it plays in our life.


For Earth Day, I conduct a household audit to identify areas where we can improve our environmental stewardship. This includes strategies for composting kitchen waste, reducing plastic use, and optimizing energy and water consumption. To connect with nature physically, I enjoy hiking in Forest Park or the Gorge. Additionally, I participate in neighborhood clean-ups, like this year's city-wide effort organized by We Believe in Portland.


I spend as much of my time outdoors as I can, whether that’s daily walks in my neighborhood to recharge and take in the fresh air or going out to surf, snowboard, and camp. Mother nature provides us with such a huge playground and never fails to ground me! It’s important to me to do my part everyday in small ways, like biking more as transportation and growing my own vegetables, to keep the Earth happy so we can enjoy it for as long as possible. 


I generally take a walk everyday and watch the seasons as they change. I’ve been loving the long spring Portland gets and seeing all the trees and flowers bloom over the last couple of weeks has made me feel very connected to the springtime. 


The trails by my house are serene and vibrant this time of year. It’s always good to see the foxes and deer out and about again, amongst many other animal populations. Trash pickup along this trail and the woods around it make for a fulfilling springtime and it shows in everyone’s uplifted spirits.


I stay connected to the Earth through gardening. I’ve found it so rewarding to learn how to compost, recycle seeds, and use organic materials to support an abundant garden. Gardening is very grounding, and has helped both my physical and mental health! It’s the gift that keeps on giving.


Whenever I take time to quietly observe nature, whether in a dense forest or a city park, I start to understand the deep connections among all living things on Earth. These moments make me feel part of a larger, vibrant cycle of life that spans hundreds of millions of years. They also remind me of humanity's significant impact on other species and our environment, highlighting our greater responsibility as stewards of the Earth. These observations help me stay committed to reducing my ecological footprint by minimizing waste, using renewable energy at home, supporting conservation efforts, and engaging in land restoration projects.


I love Earth. I enjoy spending my spare time surfing, snowboarding, and riding bikes on the fun playground Earth provides. I also enjoy the cute animals and interesting plants that you can find on land and in the ocean. Earth is pretty cool, I think everyone should do their part to protect it.


Most mornings I start the day with a bike ride. As the city wakes up - usually with a stunning sunrise - I’m pedaling through Portland’s parks, vibrant neighborhoods, and winding trails, giving me a feeling of abundant appreciation for this planet. The fresh air fills my lungs, and the sights and sounds of the environment become vividly alive, reminding us of the importance of preserving and cherishing our planet. Each turn of the pedal serves as a gentle reminder of our responsibility to protect and sustain the natural world for future generations.


A big focus for me is how to reduce my environmental footprint. This includes biking more often, using reusable items such as totes for shopping, and growing my food in my garden! This year I’m planning on a couple of new home projects focused on the environment as well, including raising chickens and starting a worm bin! 


Gardening and embarking on long bike rides through nature serve as my sacred rituals. In the garden, I nurture life from seed to fruition, grounding myself in the cycles of growth. Through these acts, I find solace and belonging, harmonizing with the natural world around me and fostering a profound sense of interconnectedness.

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Good & Gold's 2023 Holiday Gift Guide

Happy holidays from the G&G team! This year our team chose a selection of great gift ideas from our clients. From bike panniers and specialty beverages to gift cards for local businesses, there’s something for everyone on your holiday shopping list. 

Alfred Coffee

  • Alfred Coffee Matcha Gift Set: Alfred's ceremonial grade matcha is incredibly versatile and can be used in lattes, smoothies, baking, and cooking. It’s a gift that keeps on giving and this set allows you to have everything you need to experiment with different recipes!
    - Jackson


  • Bernardo Miami Thong Sandal (in brown) is comfortable and practical and can be worn with almost any outfit. Known for using high-quality leather, these sandals are handcrafted for longevity.
    - Amanda

Domaine Serene

Jupiter Hotel

  • I’ve started gravitating away from gifting items to gifting experiences. What could be better than a staycation at the Jupiter and a spa day at Knot Springs?
    - Emily

North St Bags

  • As a child of the 80s, I’ve always had a soft spot for hip packs, AKA “fanny packs.” I am so happy they are back!
    - Jess
  • 13 or 15in North St. Bags Laptop Sleeve. Perfect for almost anyone who values both technology and sustainability.
    - Parker
  • I always try to come up with a gift that supports a passion or encourages discovering new ones. After this past year of bike hikes, nature trips, and discovering new places, the North St. Bag Backpack Panniers is my go-to gift!
    - Iulia

PDX Jazz

Stumptown Coffee

Zupan’s Markets

  • Grocery gift cards are always a win. Who doesn’t like free groceries?
    - Sam

Wishing you a warm & cozy holiday season and a happy new year! 🥂

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Digital Design Trends For The 2023 Holiday Season

Look no further for design inspiration for your holiday marketing campaigns! Our design team has rounded up their favorite trends and ideas for the 2023 holiday season. We’ve even included a simple checklist of tips for sprucing up your website for the holidays!

Merry & Bright

Go beyond the traditional red and green for your digital design this holiday. Use bright colors, rainbow palettes, and bold graphics to captivate your customers.

Minimalism To The Max

Bring the Bauhaus vibes! Pair bold and weighty graphic design and patterns with a simple, contrasting color palette.

Silver Bells 

Sparkles, metallics, starts, and yes, disco balls! Create a festive, non-denominational design thread that you can weave into your marketing from now until the New Year. 

A New Take On The Familiar 

Leverage clever product photography and classic holiday shapes and colors to spark interest that subtly pulls shoppers into your campaigns and makes them want more!

‘Tis The Season For Typography

Use fun fonts and enticing typographic layouts for your messaging to sleigh the season. 

Take A Walk Down Memory Lane

Dive into some archival ad campaigns to create a playful, vintage-inspired design vibe for your campaigns this year.


Digital Design Tips For Sprucing Up Your Website For The Holidays

Holiday campaigns aren’t the only place to inject a little holiday cheer. Get your website ready for the holidays while creating a little seasonal whimsy with these digital design tips from our design team! 

Add A Holiday-Themed Banner

Create a custom banner or header image that touts your exclusive holiday discounts, deals, or bundles. Use festive holiday elements in the banner design, like snowflakes, ornaments, or holiday colors. 

Play With Color

Change up your website background colors or accent colors to reflect the season and spread cheer. Keep your brand identity in mind when choosing the hues to make everything feel unique to your brand. 

Dress Up Your Logo & Iconography

Bring the Merry, Merry by adding a Santa hat, candy canes, a fir tree, or some holiday color to your logo for the season. Pepper in some seasonal iconography (we LOVE turning our icons into Christmas Ornaments) to really bring it home. 

Let It Snow

Adding some subtle snowfall animation to your homepage is a delightful way to incorporate the holidays into your website. 

Remember: Don’t Overdo It

Getting into the holiday spirit is a blast, but be wary of letting it take over your brand. You want to find the balance between leaning into the season and staying true to your brand identity. Try incorporating a few of your favorite tips from this list, and save the rest for next year! 

Want some help getting your brand set up for the holidays? Our digital design services can get you there. Let’s talk!

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8 Digital Marketing Tips for Lifestyle Outdoor Brands

If you're in the business of outdoor lifestyle brands, you know it's more than just selling products—it's about selling an experience, a way of life. In today's digital age, the success of your brand largely hinges on your mastery of the art of digital marketing. In this guide, we'll delve into eight invaluable digital marketing strategies tailored to elevate your outdoor lifestyle brand's online presence and engage your audience effectively.

1. Know Your Audience Inside and Out

Before embarking on your digital marketing journey, it's essential to gain an in-depth understanding of your audience. Are they avid hikers, dedicated cyclists, weekend adventurers, or passionate about action sports? Each subgroup possesses its unique language, values, and role models or influencers. Understand them like you understand the backcountry. Dive into surveys, engage in social listening, and collect user data to gain insights into your target audience's preferences and behaviors. The more intimately you know your audience, the more effectively you can tailor your campaigns to their specific needs and aspirations.

2. Harness the Power of Short-Form Vertical Video for Ads

In a world where mobile devices dominate, vertical video has emerged as the reigning format. Craft concise, visually captivating videos that are less than 60 seconds in length. Whether you're using platforms like Instagram Stories, TikTok, or Snapchat, vertical videos fit seamlessly into the mobile screen and effectively capture user attention. These videos should feature action-packed shots, vibrant visuals, and compelling storytelling. These elements serve as stoppers in the endless scroll, enticing viewers to engage with your content. 

3. The SEO Trail Guide: Don't Skip It

You may be creating exceptional content, but if it remains undiscovered, its value diminishes. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is your trusty trail guide through the wilderness of online searches. Optimize your content for local search, identify and incorporate relevant keywords, and ensure that your website loads swiftly. Remember, your brand isn't just a brand; it's also a valuable resource for outdoor tips, gear advice, and adventure inspiration. Keep your SEO strategy up to date by monitoring trending keywords and conducting competitor analysis to help maintain a consistent flow of organic traffic.

4. Social Proof: Build Trust Everywhere

Building trust is a cornerstone of successful digital marketing. Reviews, testimonials, and user-generated content are your secret weapons. A user's photo featuring your gear in a real outdoor setting often conveys more authenticity than any perfectly curated advertisement. Leverage the power of these authentic visuals by incorporating them into your product pages, scattering them throughout your social media feeds, and seamlessly integrating them into your email campaigns. Amplifying the authentic voice of your customers enhances brand trust.

5. Capitalize on Partnerships and Collaborations

Don't underestimate the power of a good collaboration—they can be a game-changer for your outdoor lifestyle brand. Whether you're partnering with influencers or curating community with complementary brands, a well-thought-out collaboration can expand your audience and bolster your brand's credibility. Remember: define the terms and objectives of your partnership clearly to ensure success. When both parties benefit, collaborations become a potent tool for achieving your goals.

6. Craft Content-Rich Emails

Email marketing is a valuable tool for connecting with your audience, and it’s important to craft emails that stand out from the crowd in the inbox. Load your emails with value-packed engaging content, such as exclusive outdoor guides, insider tips, or early access to sales. Personalize your emails based on user behavior and segment your email lists to deliver targeted messages. By doing so, you elevate the email experience from being seen as a nuisance to being viewed as a valuable resource.

7. Constant Vigilance: Keep Tabs and Optimize

Data analysis is your compass in the digital landscape. Regularly monitor your metrics, including engagement rates, click-through rates, and the ROI (Return On Investment) of specific campaigns. Use these insights to fine-tune your strategies, abandon what's ineffective, and double down on successful approaches. Real-time analytics provide immediate feedback, while deeper dives into data sets inform long-term strategies. Cultivate a habit of checking and interpreting these numbers to continually optimize your digital marketing efforts.

8. Invest in Brand Marketing to Support Digital Marketing Efforts

While digital ads may attract attention, it's your brand that forges a lasting connection and turns clicks into conversions. Invest in your brand's storytelling, values, and aesthetics. This isn't a separate endeavor from digital marketing; it's what gives your digital efforts depth and meaning. Consistency in brand messaging across all channels is essential. Ensure that your visual elements resonate with your audience and authentically reflect your brand's ethos.

Whether you're a seasoned marketer looking to refresh your strategy or a startup embarking on a new adventure, these digital marketing insights are your guiding stars. Implementing these strategies can empower your outdoor lifestyle brand to soar to new heights in the digital landscape. 

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