Clean Up Your Marketing Channels for 4th Quarter

Rachel Ritchie
September 21, 2022
In the marketing industry, early fall is a crucial time. And with shopping taking place overwhelmingly online, it has becom more crucial than ever. Right now is your chance to lay the groundwork for Q4, and make sure your business is prepared for the onslaught.

At Good & Gold, we begin each new client conversation with a 360° audit of their marketing efforts, giving them a sense of what’s working and what’s not, where the weak points lurk, and where the opportunities lie. As we do that, we see patterns emerge—businesses have common gaps in their digital marketing strategies, all of which are relatively easy to patch with effective solutions.

As we look ahead to Q4 and its requisite expectations and frenzy, we find it's helpful to take a fresh look at your marketing channels to address those gaps and weak points heading into the new year. Here's our go-to checklist to get your marketing tactics in tip-top shape.

1. Clean Up Your Email Templates & Automations

When's the last time you redesigned your standard email templates? Does each one use standard font styles, contain clear calls to action, high-resolution imagery, and active URLs? Are your emails performing at industry benchmarks or higher? If not, it’s time to give those templates fresh eyes, and make sure they’re optimized for engagement. This is also a great time to check in on your email automations. Do you have your 4 basic email automations set up? Are they performing well? It’s a good idea to check in on your automations regularly, and update your imagery, language, and workflows to suit your evolving brand and audience. You might also follow our guide to updating your A/B testing strategy, to make sure you’re learning and optimizing over time. Finally, with an onslaught of holiday messaging coming, this is a great time to refresh email consent and make sure your audience is active and engaged.

2. Dial In Your Website's UX

In the world of digital marketing, a website’s attention to user experience (UX) is paramount to a business’s success.To help us assess the websites we work with, we’ve developed a helpful UX checklist for e-commerce websites that helps us to identify potential issues to investigate. Use this to evaluate your own website and determine what high-priority updates need to be tackled.

3. Audit Your Website’s SEO Performance

If you’re like most businesses on the internet, you’re wondering whether you might have an SEO problem. You feel like you should be ranking higher for certain organic searches, and you feel like your traffic should be growing a little faster—but you’re not exactly sure what’s normal. Now is the time to stop wondering and check the pulse of your website by running a simple SEO audit. This will help give you a sense of where you stand, and how much help you need. Start by following our handy list of 5 ways to check your website’s SEO.

If you're updating copy on your website and want to make sure it's optimized for organic search, read our guide to SEO copywriting with a human touch.

4. Solidify Your E-Commerce Presence

This time of year, it's imperative that your Google Shopping campaigns are up and running smoothly. Google Shopping campaigns allow you to land at the top of the page within very valuable real estate, with a visual representation of your product for high-intent searches—i.e. people who are in the market for your particular product. Since launching in 2012, Google Shopping has rapidly become the single most effective way to sell retail products via paid search, and we’ve helped clients yield returns of up to 600% on the platform. Google’s Smart Shopping campaigns take it a step further, supplementing classic Google Shopping ads with results based on predicted user intent.

Finally, Google's latest campaign type, Performance Max, could improve your conversions by up to 11%, and is worth a close look. Here's how we've been using it and what we've learned.

5. Super-Charge Your Paid Media Efforts

Let’s assume you’ve covered your paid media basics: you’ve got goals and benchmarks in place, you’re doing some retargeting, and you’re chugging along with search and social marketing. It’s time to take it to the next level. First, consider implementing dynamic display ads, which have a 9% higher click through rate and a 37% higher conversion rate than traditional static banners. Consider additional paid media channels, like TikTok, which allows you to run custom ad catalogs of products to vast audience segments—in addition to the rocketship of organic potential. Finally, take a close look at your paid social media strategy—are you following our 7 tips for boosting your reach and engagement?

6. Turn Your Customers into Community

If you sell products that customers purchase more than once, we highly recommend launching a great rewards program, with both loyalty and referral elements. Developing a strong community around your brand will allow your business to grow sustainably through repeat customers and their networks, and rewards programs are great for increasing customer retention, building loyalty, and growing your business organically. Learn more about our approach and consider launching your program in time for the holidays!

7. Dust Off Your Content Strategy

Do you find yourself scrambling to create or clean up content, with no real sense of the bigger picture, or how this content is affecting your business? You’re not alone. Yes, the content you create should feel authentic, helpful, on-brand, and delightful...but it should also create measurable engagement and provide actionable data. Follow our guide to developing your content strategy to fine-tune your system and see how you measure up.

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