A Gallery of Email Templates

Lucie Courtes
November 8, 2021
As 2021 starts to wind down, we take a look at a handful of the custom email templates we created this year, from clean and simple to highly branded.

Over the past year, we've had the privilege of working with LOTS of wonderful clients on their email marketing programs. And though email marketing strategy is about much more than design, we love the process of developing and executing great design systems for email. For us, the challenge of creating something eye-catching and compelling within a notoriously restrictive system is hard to beat. Scroll on for a gallery of email templates we created this year.

1) Clean & Simple

In many cases, less is definitely more for email design. We've found that simple and consistent emails using native HTML render perfectly on all clients and convert well.

👍 Pros of simple templates:

  • Always responsive
  • Adapt well in dark mode
  • Convert well
  • Easy to read
Prank-O Email Marketing Template
Zupan's Markets email template

2) Highly Branded

We use highly branded emails to leverage well-established and recognizable brand systems. These often require a bit more pre-production work, as they typically require lots of custom assets to make an impact.  

👍 Pros of branded templates:

  • Communicate strong brand identity
  • Eye-catching graphics
  • Highly recognizable
  • Engaging
Swimply Email Marketing Template
Infinity Images Email Marketing Template
Olympia Provisions Email Marketing Template

3) Modern & Elegant

This year, we've also designed some great templates that use a mix of native HTML and custom assets. In our opinion, this is a great approach, as it allows us to showcase strong brand systems without losing the flexibility afforded by HTML.

Seek & Swoon Custom Email Marketing Template
Sutro Winery Email Template
Tanglewood Bev Co Email Template

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