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E-Mail Marketing


Whether you have a longstanding e-mail nurture program that needs to be revitalized or haven’t even picked an e-mail automation program yet, Good & Gold can help you make the most out of one of the most important owned marketing channels.


E-Mail Marketing Strategy

How often should you send marketing e-mails? What are best e-mail marketing practices? When's the best time to send a newsletter? Managing a successful e-mail marketing program can bring up a lot of questions. We’ve got answers.

Tech Stack

Should you pick MailChimp? HubSpot? Marketo? Something else? We can help you find the right provider(s) for your business needs and get you set up.


Need to put together a newsletter strategy? Need content for your newsletter? Good & Gold has you covered! Our full service e-mail marketing package includes:

  • Template creation

  • Content strategy

  • List management

  • A/B testing

  • Ongoing reporting and analysis

Marketing Automation

Getting started with marketing automation? Want to start a drip marketing program? We have plenty of experience in setting strategies for both pre-purchase and lifecycle automation.

Clean-Up & Integrations

Is your list getting out of hand? Need to connect Hubspot to Salesforce? We can help clean up your list and set up efficient integrations that will transform the way you do business.

Getting Started

Our team will meet with you to discuss your goals, explore the competitive landscape, and develop the tech stack, design systems, and content strategy that will resonate with your customers and drive engagement with your brand.


To develop or revitalize your approach to e-mail marketing...

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