Marketing in the Time of Coronavirus

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March 30, 2020
Our general insights on digital marketing, specific to a very strange moment in time.

We don’t know much about epidemiology, and we certainly can’t comprehend the speed with which the Coronavirus went from peripheral concern to central, unrelenting reality. We won’t try to explain any of that, because we don’t understand it. We do, however, know a thing or two about marketing, and we have an intimate view of how the virus is affecting our clients, who do incredible work in industries ranging from restaurants to online retail to cleaning products, hospitality, and wine. Given that, we thought we’d share some general insights, specific to this moment. (Yes, those are our pets and pet friends above…just because.)

Messaging is crucial.

Now more than ever, what you say as a brand matters. We are in a unique moment, unlike any moment we’ve experienced before—don’t exploit this situation, but don’t ignore it. Think about what your brand and your product mean during this time, and share that with people. They are listening. Be real, be human, and be authentic. Is humor ok? Yes, absolutely. We all need humor, always. (For reference, enjoy this quality content on “Solving Coronavirus” from our client, Prank-O.)

People have lots of time at home.

And that means they’re spending plentiful time online, doing a little thing we call window shopping. Sure, folks are anxious about the economy, which means your conversion rates may dip—but you may also see website traffic and overall brand visibility rise at the same time. They’ll be opening your emails more, looking at your products more, and dreaming of carefree times ahead. Remember: That engagement with your brand is extremely valuable. Give those window shoppers some nice things to look at—entertain them, delight them, and make sure they don’t forget you.

Don't undermine your efforts.

If you’re running paid media, now is not the time to shut it off. For health-based, creature comfort, and general consumer goods, we expect continued (and in some cases even stronger) sales during this time.

  • If you’re running into supply chain, inventory, closure, or shipping issues: Consider using this time to shift your strategy temporarily to brand awareness and engagement, which can pay dividends in building solid retargeting lists down the road.
  • For everyone else: Take a close look at your campaigns, tweak your copy and creative, and reduce spend if you need to manage costs. But remember that certain major players, such as Amazon, are cutting ad spend during this time because they are seeing an organic spike for essential goods, which opens up opportunities on Google, Facebook, and other ad networks to acquire customers at a lower cost per click and conversion than normal.

Find the opportunities.

Now is not the time to reinvent your business model. But it is a good time to think about how your business fits into our current reality. In what way do people need your product and service now that may be different than before? How can you support your community? How can they support you?

It’s a good time for housekeeping.

If your website needs a redesign, now is a great time to tackle that project. If you’ve been meaning to get your SEO in order, this is your opportunity. If your email templates or automations need some love, lavish them with attention. The groundwork you lay now will put your business in a strong position for growth in the months ahead. Take the time to tackle those projects you’ve been meaning to tackle.

The only way through is through.

This is brutal. Nobody is unaffected. And lots of people are deeply, unimaginably affected. But we will get through it, because that’s what we do, and we will do it together, because that’s how we get through things. So keep pushing ahead, keep asking for help, keep supporting those who need it, and remember to take care of yourself.

If you need help, let us know. We’re happy to update your website, get an email out the door, run a special campaign, or even get you set up with a quick and easy e-commerce website. Our goal is to support the businesses who need us in any way we can.

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