How to Build Brand Awareness & Interest

Spencer Soloway
March 3, 2021
With economic stimulus on the way, we’ve gathered ideas for gaining customers as we emerge from the pandemic.

Right now, economists predict that the GDP will likely be on the rise through 2025, which offers a glint of hope as we begin to emerge from a historically disruptive pandemic. And with a $1.9 trillion aid package on the way, plus many small businesses receiving additional Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans over the next few months, we expect to see continued signs of economic stimulation and consumer spending this spring.

So, what does this mean for your business? It means it’s the perfect time to generate buzz around your business and products, growing customer interest as we head into a season of increased spending. Forward-looking consumer confidence is up, suggesting that that we’re likely to see more consumers are shopping, marking, flagging, and planning in the months ahead. Given that activity, we’re believers that “Brand Awareness,” or the familiarity of consumers with a particular product or service, is the most important stage within your marketing funnel right now.

To that end, the Good & Gold team gathered and brainstormed ideas for building awareness and interest as we move into a more optimistic season. Here’s what we came up with:

Expand your Google and Facebook funnels.

  • While Google Search ads are generally used for direct response and acquisition campaigns, they can be a great driver of awareness! We suggest running search campaigns geared around top-of-funnel broad or product-related keywords using Google’s built in Brand Awareness objectives to optimize. 
  • Consider adding Brand Awareness and Engagement objectives to fresh Facebook campaigns, and focus on introducing your brand to lookalike audiences that match your current customers.

Consider paid media platforms designed specifically for awareness.

  • Pinterest boasts a very active user base geared around discovery of new ideas and products, with strong targeting options, making it a perfect place to reach potential customers very early in their customer journey. They also now offer “Story Pins,” which allow for more dynamic, engaging content. 
  • Programmatic advertising platforms like Choozle and AdRoll, among others, allow businesses to reach users across the web beyond Google’s partner websites, often with a deeper level of audience targeting via externally sourced data. 
  • YouTube is a great place to build awareness for your brand—in particular through Ad Sequence Campaigns, which present your message to customers multiple times as they move down your marketing funnel from awareness to interest to purchase.

Tackle some SEO spring cleaning to help build visibility for your brand.

  • It’s a great time to ensure general website cleanliness through a full technical audit of your site, ensuring you’re not seeing suppressed search results on account of bad redirects, missing meta descriptions, or any other common issues. (We're happy to provide a free audit!)
  • Make sure your Structured Data is configured properly, so that your website appears across all search and social platforms exactly the way you want.
  • Create video assets! YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world after Google, and now is a great time to publish videos showcasing customer testimonials, product features, and other valuable content.
  • Get going with Google Shopping. Last year, Google launched free listings within its shopping channel, but many brands still aren’t taking advantage. Consider setting up a Google Shopping feed to take advantage of the free and highly valuable real estate at the top of search engine results pages.

Spruce up your website, making it more attractive to brand-new users. 

  • Add pop-ups to engage new visitors on your site. We love ideas like Wheel of Popups that are playful and engaging while offering a strong incentive to purchase.
  • Introduce multiple payment options to cater to all kinds of personal finance needs, including those that split purchases into multiple interest-free payments like Afterpay, Quadpay, and Affirm.
  • Consider integrating a referral and loyalty program like Smile, and turn your current loyal customers into powerful brand advocates.
  • Use a platform like Unbounce to create and test targeted landing pages with “attention grabbing” content designed to get new prospects excited about your brand.
  • Rethink your website’s calls to action (CTAs) to ensure they’re as clear, powerful, and easy to follow as possible.

Re-engage members of your email list with fresh content to rebuild interest in your brand.

  • It’s been a hard year and a half but there’s a lot of optimism about the future and end of the pandemic, consider sending an email detailing your brand’s future plans, product launch sneak peaks, and major events in the next year.
  • Create a series of emails counting down to summer promotions.
  • Feature customer testimonials that spotlight your favorite clients, building trust and enticing others to purchase.

All in all, we know it’s been a tough year. And we know that your business probably doesn’t look much like it did this time last year. But we firmly believe that brighter days are ahead, and that as we emerge from this challenging period, we’ll enter a new season of innovation, creativity, connection, and financial growth. If you need our assistance preparing for those brighter days, we’re always here to help.

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