GA4 Migration
Unlock the full potential of your website data with GA4's advanced insights, machine learning capabilities, and cross-device tracking. Let us help your business upgrade to GA4 before the July 2023 deadline.


With our expertise in setting up, installing, and utilizing GA4’s new features and benefits, we’re perfectly positioned to make sure everything is set up properly for your business! Whether you’re starting from square one or you’re looking to migrate from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4, we’re here to make sure everything goes smoothly. We’ll seamlessly migrate your UA environment to GA4, ensuring your conversion tracking, goal setup, custom dimensions and other important business metrics are configured and optimized successfully.

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Reasons To Upgrade:

  • Advanced Insights
  • Cross-Device Tracking
  • Improved Privacy Controls
  • New Reports and Features

Google’s GA4 migration deadline is July 1, 2023, and if you haven’t completed your migration by then, Google will make the upgrade for you. There’s lots of potential for Google’s automatic upgrade to break your tracking setup, especially if you have a more complicated, custom configuration (like most ecommerce sites). Don’t miss out on key insights and data analysis, or suffer from working with inaccurate data or delayed preparation for essential privacy changes!

Read more about Google’s required migration to GA4 by July 1, 2023 on our blog.

Service Components

01. Tracking Code Installation

  • Audit existing Google Tag Manager and Universal Analytics properties
  • Determine data necessary to continue tracking in GA4 (like tags, triggers and variables) 
  • Clean up and refine of properties and tracking  
  • Initiate new Google Analytics 4 property
  • Enable data collection in new property
  • Replace Universal Analytics tracking with GA4 tracking code

02. Conversion & Goal Configuration

  • Map all custom events, goals, and conversions
  • QA and test new GA4 tracking
  • Create custom dimensions, metrics, product link extensions, and referral exclusions (upon request)

03. Ongoing Monitoring & Optimization

  • Create and deliver an implementation and training video of new property set-up
  • Provide ongoing support and troubleshooting
  • Ensure new GA4 environment is enrolled in and optimized for new feature developments from Google

Our Process:

Discovery & Alignment
We’ll have a discovery conversation to align on your desired configuration and tracking needs and review your current Universal Analytics set up.

Configuration & Execution
Once we have a solid sense of your tracking needs and goals, we’ll begin the actual migration/set-up process; 

Review & Finalization
Once everything has been fully migrated, we’ll review the new set-up with you and finalize your new Google Analytics 4 environment!


Packages begin at a one-time service fee of $1,485 and increase based on the complexity of your unique set-up.

Timeline Info
Our migration process is typically completed in two weeks. However, our timeline may expand to accommodate an increased volume of migrations as we draw closer to Google’s July 1st deadline.

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