The Importance of E-Mail Marketing

Email marketing

People come to your website. They browse around, maybe they buy something, maybe you pay for remarketing through the Google Display Network, AdRoll, or another service. Maybe they click on your social links and follow you.  

But what if they don’t buy something? What if you don’t want to always pay valuable advertising dollars for display retargeting? What if they don’t (gasp) follow brands on Facebook or Twitter?              

Oftentimes the most effective unpaid (or, in marketing parlance, owned) channel for our clients is not necessarily SEO or even social media, but e-mail marketing.

Here’s why:

• E-mail is a direct, long form, line of communication to your prospects and customers. You can often express things about your brand that are too complex for social media or that are too important to hope that customers serendipitously come to your website to learn.

• Especially when done on a consistent basis, e-mail marketing is excellent brand reinforcement.

• E-mail, for most small businesses or places starting up, is the easiest entry into lifecycle marketing, also known as upselling a customer to other products following their initial purchases.

• For growing businesses, especially those with inconsistent web traffic or limited advertising budgets, this channel provides quick, analyzable results (especially when paired with Google Analytics) that can be built upon.

Convinced that this is right for you? Great, to get started, you’ll want to pick an e-mail platformdecide on content, and set up a way to drive subscriptions on your site.

Need help setting up this powerful channel?