3 Ways to Kickstart Your 2018 Marketing Strategy

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Indeed, 2018 has arrived, and it’s time to lay your marketing groundwork for the year ahead. But where to start? We know it can be tough to figure out where to focus your efforts, so we've compiled our recommendations on three key areas that are likely to deliver the highest ROI and provide a solid foundation of digital marketing strategy. So grab some coffee, get comfy, and let's get planning!

1. Make SEO a Priority

A solid strategy for Search Engine Optimization is essential to every business. (Don’t know why? Read more background on why SEO is key.) We've got five simple tips to get you started.

2. Set up Google Analytics for Your Website

Would you drive a car without a dashboard? Of course not, and that’s essentially what analytics are for a website. Google Analytics provide the basics regarding the health and performance of your site, while also allowing you to dig deeper to optimize and better serve your customers. We’ll show you how to properly set up your Google Analytics dashboard. (Looking for a more extensive guide to Analytics? Download our free e-book.)

3. Boost Your Reach with Paid Social

Social networks are changing constantly. You still need to approach social media with a solid strategy for organic traffic and engagement in mind, but in 2018, you simply can’t ignore paid social anymore. Our guide will get you started on the right foot.

Need help putting your 2018 strategy into action? We can help!

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