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2021 AMA MAX Award Winner: Email Category
Oak & Oscar
Email Marketing & Automation
Finely tuned email automations make a big impact for a detail-focused watchmaker.
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Founded in 2015, Oak & Oscar is a Chicago-based independent watch company selling a limited collection of hand-assembled watches. Three guiding principles drive everything the company does: to make no little plans, the belief that good people make great products, and that the details always make the design.

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Our Goal

Through thorough discovery and research, we developed an email automation program designed to deliver thoughtful content to discerning customers at just the right time for independent watch company Oak & Oscar.

The Strategy

Because attention to detail is a hallmark of this watchmaker, our approach to email content and design needed to be a perfect blend of information, humor, and connection. We began by mapping the strategy of our email automation program, defining who we would target with which messages at what time. After reviewing previous performance metrics and marketing personas, we decided to launch the program with five automation series tailored to phases of the user journey: A Welcome Series, a Product Interest Series, an Abandoned Cart Series, a Post-Purchase Series, and a Winback Series.

With campaign architecture in place, we tackled templating and copywriting, all with a sharp eye on existing voice and visual guidelines, but with a goal of further expanding and humanizing Oak & Oscar’s brand in the inbox. Since launching, our email series have contributed significant revenue and overall subscriber engagement, further solidifying Oak & Oscar’s relationship with its devoted audience.



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