Full-Service Audits
It’s hard to know which direction to head in without a roadmap.

The Overview

Our full-service audit is designed to help you navigate the options and reach your desired destination efficiently and effectively. When you’re not sure where your opportunities lie, or where your marketing dollars are best invested, this is the best place to begin.

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Content strategy & development
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Template design & optimization
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Lifecycle automation configuration
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Research & Discovery
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360° Platform Audit
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Strategy Development
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Tactical Implementations

Our Process

Research & DISCOVERY

Is your website attracting enough leads? Is your website ranking well on Google? Are you monetizing your current customer base? Are you engaging well on social media? Most importantly, is your current marketing plan paying off? We’ll begin by analyzing all of your current systems, platforms, processes, and strategies. Next, we’ll offer recommendations based on industry best practices, with a marketing and sales plan tailored to your business goals. This will often include:
→ Review of all your current owned, earned, and paid channels
→ Review of your general strategy and tactics, with concrete, actionable suggestions
→ Review of your entire sales funnel process, including how and where you sell, and how you are leveraging your offers
→ Assistance in selecting or revising your current marketing and sales tech stacks


Once we’ve established the gaps and specifics of your current marketing strategy, we will submit a proposed plan for closing those gaps and leveling up your digital marketing program. If you choose to work with Good & Gold on these steps, we will have a strong foundation of research and data to start from. If you choose to tackle them internally or with another firm, you will have an actionable roadmap of next steps.

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