Changing the way we think about hamburgers.

Killer Burger is an Oregon-based burger chain changing the way we think about hamburgers. 100% beef patties with bacon on every burger—not to mention over-the-top ingredients like peanut butter, crispy jalapeños, and house-brined chilies.


The Goal

Killer Burger was hoping to increase their online visibility in local markets as the business continues to grow, and drive as many impressions and clicks as possible for both branded and non-branded terms.


The Strategy

Following our proven tactical recipe for search engine optimization, we began by creating a strong foundation, addressing all technical issues and implementing location- and menu-level SCHEMA. Next, we moved on to a complete copy and keyword review based on thorough competitor and market research, followed by website UX adjustments. With the addition of ongoing monitoring and maintenance, we were able to drive significant increases in impressions, clicks, and the number of keywords ranked for Year over Year.




Increase in impressions (YoY)


Increase in clicks (YoY)


Increase in keywords ranked (YoY)