Senior Production Manager

We’re looking for a full-time Senior Production Manager to leverage people, processes, technology, and data to meet clients’ desired business outcomes.

About Us...

Good & Gold is a digital marketing and design agency with footprints in Portland and New York. We love partnering with like-minded, ambitious organizations that believe in the power of smart, data-driven digital marketing. A wide variety of clients, from small businesses and start-ups to regional and national brands, have turned to us as a trusted partner and extension of their internal teams. We are strategists, writers, designers, data nerds, and problem solvers—we love what we do, and we’re committed to enjoying the process. 

About the Job…

We’re looking for a full-time Senior Production Manager to leverage people, processes, technology, and data to meet clients’ desired business outcomes. This position will oversee a department that serves as a core function for the agency’s marketing services, providing essential cross-functional coordination, communications, and reporting.

About You…

A naturally inquisitive polymath, you hold broad knowledge across the marketing tech stack, and you understand how to best leverage multiple platforms to plan, implement, measure, optimize, and enhance performance to support defined strategies. You’re a learner and a doer, with a preternatural ability to not only “get things,” but to explain them and teach others as well. You love putting puzzle pieces together and figuring out how things interconnect. You’re a true builder, and you delight in systems, how they operate, and what they mean.

Primary Responsibilities

Your responsibilities will break down into the following categories:

Required Skills & Experience

You’re a great fit for this job if: 


To apply, send an email with the job title in the subject line to with your resume and a cover letter explaining why your skills and experience make you the perfect fit for this position.


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