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Are you dedicated to the cultivation and nurturing of enduring and meaningful relationships with clients and partners? Are you in search of an exceptionally skilled communicator who possesses the ability to finesse delicate relationships, inspire outstanding work, and identify novel opportunities for business expansion? Then look no further - our Digital Marketing Producer role may be for you!

About You...

About Us…

Good & Gold is a digital marketing and design agency with footprints in Portland and New York. We love partnering with like-minded, ambitious organizations that believe in the power of smart, data-driven digital marketing. A wide variety of clients, from small businesses and start-ups to regional and national brands, have turned to us as a trusted partner and extension of their internal teams. We are strategists, writers, designers, data nerds, and problem solvers—we love what we do, and we’re committed to enjoying the process. 

About the Job…

We’re looking for a full-time Producer to cultivate and nurture lasting and meaningful relationships with clients and partners. An uncannily talented communicator, the Producer is capable of both finessing delicate relationships, inspiring incredible work, and spotting new opportunities to grow the business.

This position will work closely with clients to establish goals and expectations, functioning as a seamless extension of clients’ marketing teams. Meanwhile, they will work with our internal strategists and analysts to translate goals into deliverables and deliver clear insights to our team of writers, designers, channel managers and freelancers in an effort to meet those goals, and deliver work that exceeds expectations. They will essentially “own” the master plan—the big picture—and all the project documentation and deliverables. 

About You...

You intuitively know when to push and when to let things simmer. You have a strong but non-aggressive style, and you are interested in learning about the intricacies of work beyond your own; you can read (and listen) between the lines, and you know when to dig deeper. You understand the nuance of balancing client needs and requests against the bottom line. Stress management, organization, compartmentalization, and problem-solving come naturally to you, and collaboration and teamwork are your sweet spot. You are a doer. You know how to represent your company professionally, and you’re a great listener, comfortable navigating delicate situations and asking thoughtful second-level questions and taking swift action.

Primary Responsibilities

Your responsibilities will break down into the following general categories:

  • Develop Strong Client Relationships: You’ll manage day-to-day communication with an assigned set of clients, developing a highly attuned sense of their businesses, goals, and quirks. Building trust and long-term relationships and proactively identifying and developing new opportunities is all in a day’s work. If anything goes wrong, you’ll find the solution and guide the communication along the way.
  • Advocate for Clients: You’ll serve as client advocate to our internal team of specialists, effectively communicating needs, requests, goals, and concerns. And you’ll help to strategize and refine digital marketing campaigns, contributing innovative strategies in an effort to exceed clients’ revenue goals and expectations. 
  • Set Goals & Strategize Solutions: You have an eye toward ongoing sustainability, you’ll work with clients and internal teams to set appropriate and effective benchmarks and KPIs, and with the Performance team to understand data and ensure strong performance and results. You’ll make this work seem easy, you’ll make sure it all happens on time, and you’ll make sure clients understand exactly what we’re doing and why. Thinking big and creating concrete steps to expand offerings and exceed goals comes naturally to you.
  • Balance Project Management with Creative Execution: You have honed the ability to ride the fine line between the practical tasks of project execution with the creation of quality deliverables. You don’t get too tied up in the rigidity of dogmatic processes and can maintain thoroughness and agility in your project executions and the deliverable you own.
  • Communicate Results & Initiatives: Each week, you’ll lead meetings with clients to review campaign results, communicate marketing plans, answer questions, and make recommendations for next steps. Additionally, you will oversee that any client initiatives or requests are effectively radiated to internal teams, with specific direction for channel managers. Keeping the leadership team updated regarding account progress, risks, and goals is a key part of this role, and will ensure everyone stays in alignment.
  • Manage Internal Teams & Workflows: Quite simply, you’ll oversee the execution of client marketing initiatives from concept to delivery; project scopes, budgets, and timelines). You’ll organize, manage, and document comprehensive project plans with a clear understanding of business and technology context, effectively track key milestones and deliverables, and develop a deep understanding of cross-department synergies and dependencies.
  • Nurture Departmental Growth & Expansion: You’ll collaborate with the Executive Producer and CEO to identify and nurture new opportunities for Good & Gold. This may include researching and analyzing service expansion opportunities and gaps, interpreting data, and identifying improvements to our offerings. As part of this effort, you’ll also work with employees with varying areas of expertise, helping to develop and maintain a culture of collaboration, respect, and hard work.

Required Experience

You’re a great fit for this job if:

  • You have 3+ years of agency experience. You have done this work before and you know that you love it. Finding solutions that please both clients and internal teams is what you do best.
  • You understand marketing. Browsing analytics, strategizing SEO solutions, thinking through campaigns and content strategy—it all just makes sense to you. You understand the fundamentals of digital marketing as well as the granular details of what we do, and you know how important it is to keep up with new tactics, trends, and tools.
  • You are an excellent communicator. In writing and in person, you have just-plain-exceptional communication skills. You’re comfortable presenting. You listen carefully—you understand people and they understand you, which makes you a natural leader.
  • You get things done. You don’t ask, you just do. Issues are addressed before they become problems. You have an innate sense of what needs to be done, or what could be done to make things easier, and you take the initiative to make it happen.
  • You’re interested in leading. You’re ready to buckle up and work with a team to tackle what comes. Hard work doesn’t scare you, and you even know how to make it fun. You understand that we’re all in this together, and that although some days will be harder than others, we’re building something special. You see yourself as a leader and want to have a stake in this business.
  • Experience using Google Drive and Apps, Slack,, Quickbooks, Pandadoc, and Everhour
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Chad White

Executive Producer

With over 16 years of experience in the outdoor and lifestyle industries, Chad is passionate about helping people get fit and enjoy nature. Chad has a strong background in digital marketing, merchandising, advertising, and buying for leading brands such as adidas, Amazon, and The Clymb.
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