Account Manager

Good & Gold, a digital marketing agency with offices in Oregon and New York, is looking for a full-time Account Manager to navigate the elusive responsibilities of keeping both clients and coworkers satisfied, keeping the trains running on time, and ensuring the delivery of top-notch service. The ideal candidate is an uncannily talented communicator, capable of both finessing delicate relationships and inspiring incredible work.

About You...

You intuitively know when to push and when to let things simmer. You have a strong but non-aggressive leadership style, and you are strangely passionate about project management. You can read (and listen) between the lines, and you know when to dig deeper. You understand the nuance of balancing client needs and requests against a bottom line, all the while adhering to a complex timeline of tasks. Stress management and organization come naturally to you, and collaboration and teamwork are your sweet spot. You know how to represent your company professionally, and you’re a great listener, comfortable navigating delicate situations and asking thoughtful second-level questions.

Primary Responsibilities

Your work will break down into five general categories…

Required Skills & Experience

You’re a great fit for this job if…


To apply, send an email with the job title in the subject line to with your resume and a cover letter explaining why your skills and experience make you the perfect fit for this position.