Great Ideas for E-Mail Marketing Content

E-mail marketing content ideas

You’ve mastered inbound marketing; you’ve gotten hundreds or thousands of newsletter subscribers waiting to hear from you. So the question becomes, now what?

Here are five ideas for great newsletter content, whether as automated nurture content, one off e-mails, or newsletters:

1. Tell your story.

You likely have done this to some degree on your website, but there’s certainly more to tell about why you’re in business, how you came to be in business, and what you want to do for your customers. Encourage them to reach out and tell their stories; why they found you, what they expect from you, and what they love about you and your brand.

2. Spotlight a little-known product you offer.

A great way to reach your goals, no matter your type of business (clothing sales, software downloads, etc.), is to spend some time writing about some of your lesser-known services or offerings. Perhaps your t-shirts are your most popular item, but not everyone knows you also sell amazing hats. A marketing e-mail is a great way to talk about that! Perhaps tie it into a promotion.

3. Offer advice related to your brand.

Your store is amazing. Let’s say you have a keen sense of fashion and your customers know it. Use e-mail as a platform to offer, for example, style tips. Or maybe you run a wine shop. Why not offer pairing advice?

4. Survey your users.

Your e-mail audience is a great one to ask questions to! Survey them on your site usability, on how much they like certain products, or on your customer service. The possibilities are endless and give your customers a chance to be more engaged.

5. Feature your customers.

Your customers are your business’ lifeblood. Why not reward them by featuring them, their stories, and their opinions in an e-mail to your base. A written case study, a video interview, or a Q&A are all great ideas.

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